Maam your nailpolish is so nice…

Nailpolish and sissies – ya’ll know how that goes!!

And, Ma’am, I wrote about this earlier – but your nailpolish is so nice!

She had orange nailpolish, I believe …

Dark skinned lady that I wrote about yesterday, in bed with her lover – that sole shot – their soles!

For a change, or maybe not, hehe – I wasn’t focused on all the soles.

I was just focused on the bottom of Ma’m’s feet, her upper arms, and I also noticed the broad expanse of CHEST her lover had – bodybuilder style.

Big sexy nipples too!

Madam, thank you so much for giving your lover pleasure!

Madam, please suck his nipples too!

Madam, you’re so NICE!

(this last said when she smacked him on the shoulder, called him an idiot) …

But he was still her lover! At least at that point, by the end of the movie, she deleted his number.

Ma’am, can I hold your box of makeup for you while you choose the right one?

And so forth …

Being a cuck is so much fun, guys, the way it should be!

That level of CRAVEN DEVOTION to Madam, being “obedient” for her … just a thrill like no other, and just the warm feeling of being a soulmate, friendship …

As Princess Sophia said,

“Do you like this feeling?”

with a huge GRIN (the kind guys send online)

I sent several shy emoticons.

(like girls do. Hehe).

“Madam, what do you think?”

“I think you like!” 


I’ve covered that story before so many times. I love Sophia, she’s so nice to me!

And impolite, which I really really appreciate and love!

And other stories – other sizzling hot cuckold stories to warm up thy Thanksgiving like NO other – right here.

Have at!


Mike Watson

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