High risk, high reward has always been the way Mike Watson has lived his life, and it’s always given him HUGE dividends, and it continues to!

I dont know why I said that.

Perhaps another business venture I’m starting where I’ve dumped in more than $50,000 of my OWN savings…

But anyway, I know it will work out.

When I started this business, I had nothing, no money, no customers – not even the domain initially – but what I did have was faith.

that FAITH has brought my business(this one) to where it is now i.e. “the true Macca of femdom”. Hehe.

“The real McCoy”, as I like to say (I borrowed that from the great Napoleon Hill!).

But …

As I write that last email to you (or after) – about hidden desires that never go away, I saw an old Indian lady.

NOT attractive, yet a lady that talks to men in general – every man she can find!


I knew her son growing up, I believe.

And she’s sitting there, feet up – CROSSED, with NOTHING showing – except?

A cracked long sole – two of them!

And as I stood there staring – I dont believe in being a Peeping Tom like a certain nut on here (Glyn) does – … my loins, oh MY!


My dick literally SHOOK!

And Im sure if I keep staring, I’ll cum in my pants without even touching my nipples – ONCE.

That – my friend – should be read in conjunction with the last email!  (posted on the site too)

Those desires never go away, do they friend.

And the universe brings you just what you WANT – CHERISH – COVET – except …

You have to be ready to receive it!

She’s such a Goddess, I’d press her soles all day on the balcony while she watches her movie!

And that, friend is that.

Back soon.


Mike Watson (remember, get your XMAS shopping done NOW – best to get the “naughty” stuff out of the way NOW).

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