Dancing for Madam – literally!

Literally, as she flicks her fingers!

And it wasn’t even fetish wise as a certain Sophia Bai made me do, or Madam Carrie – with wedgies up my ass, or other objects that made my sissy dancing and wrigglier all the more “sexier” – or funnier – depending upon how or who looks at it!

This was while working out yesterday.

I showed up ready to workout, thinking of future plans etc – and presto – what do I SEE


A group of Asian looking (I later found out they were all from North East India) – guys and girls.

The girls all sitting in the sun, the guys all doing some sort of weird dance which I can only assume is traditional – but it reminds me of the dancing old ladies do in China all the time.

And the girls were not joining in, they were directing the guys –  literally – with flicks of their fingers, and bursting into peals of laughter as the “guys” – some were so docile I dont know if I should call ’em that – – danced as they were told, some girly sort of dance it was, slow, steady…

The girls joined in later, but it was interesting – dancing on command for Madam, amusing her…

The North Eastern part of India has a lot in common with China, despite all the border tensions etc going on, and I truly hope to visit and live there – and SUBMIT there – some day!

Maybe I will.

As I squatted in the afternoon sun post workout watching some nuts do their version of a workout, Madam came up to me -she had left her handbag, Chinese style, hanging on the dipping bars.

And, she spoke to me – very nervous indeed, but we spoke!

I found out they were all college students performing for … well, something, I dont know what, they – she – was too nervous to talk about it.

Maybe I’ll see them again today.

If It’s meant to happen, it will – and it shall, if you set your mind to it, as with femdom, and all things related!

And thats the update for now. Back soon.

Best ,

Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some of our Chinese femdom books now, you’ll love reading about what these ladies did to do, and do to me daily even now! Hehe.

PS #2 – I even took a video of this – but unfortunately, since I was uploading other videos, it did not get saved right. I’ll see if I can find ’em again today and take another one, and then upload it here! Hehe. Like I said, if its meant to happen. IT WILL!

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