Madam with her lover … in BED!

This movie reminded me of Madam SU … the heroine of Cuckold Compilations, and ONE of the femme fatales in Sophia Bai … SO!

She did!

And I’m not going to reveal the name but before she’s caught with her lover in bed – the “hero” of the movie catches a peek of her sleeping.

The movie directors are nothing if not canny.

They know what people WANT!

And the camera pans to her lovely face – sleeping – the lips – and a hint of her foot – the toes painted “middle color of pink!”. 

Lightish pink, you know what I mean, same with the fingernails!

My loins stirred as I saw this lovely lady, a few minutes on, she was with her lover in bed – cheating on her husband – which of course, Madam should!

And the camera pans, funnily enough to their SOLES – and stays there for quite a while!

Her long slim feet, and her’s lover’s even longer, slimmer feet, and this lover was a bit of a dunce.

She even whacked him one on the shoulder and called him a dunce, but she kept her arm on him, it was obvious he was still her lover …

And I sported a giant hard on as I kept staring at those soles, wishing MAdam would call ME a dunce and smack me!

Later on in the movie, there was a lady that got accidentally “effed”.

Dont ask – it’s one of those movies.

And of course, the lady humiliates her husband all the time. 

Same dude who cheats on her with other dude’s wife …

They all blackmail each other, and the ending, well, lets just say you could watch the movie yourself. I did, kinda entertaining.

But the way she calls the husband a dog repeatedly … !

The way his balls get put in a VISE… !

The way .. well, she “dies” looking so gorgeous, one leg – fat leg – in front of her in that pose …

So nice!

Nice movie, and I’ve seen my fair share with dominant ladies, or femme fatales, or just dominant lovely bitchy ladies in general!

But that sole shot – hers – and his!

Just priceless, you cucks know what I mean!

Grab Cuckold Compilations for  more on this my friend – you will LOVE IT!


Mike Watson

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