The sissygasm I had last night, the sheer BLISS!!

And how you can too!

Well, but before how you can a word to the wise – this was a “long overdue” sissygasm, by the way!

I could have made it a nipplegasm-cum-ruined orgasm (more of the latter!) as I did the other day.

Those nipplegasms, I’m finding out – those are EVEN MORE BLISS than regular ruined orgasms, almost on par up with there with sissygasms if done right!

Trust me on this.

Ms Liao, and the rest of the ladies mentioned so often in Sin City Diaries had it spot on!

Anyway, I met a Chinese dude online the other day – who is probably wondering “which truck hit him!”

Remember the 6’3″ black dude that said “mike I’m black, but it feels as if I’m turning pink blushing!” when he heard all the praise about the way he cuckolds people – that lovely big black dick, those balls, most of all his ASS, his asshole ?

I’m sure you do!

Well, this guy too – Chinese guy, his pubes were SO DAMN NICE!

Not springy pubes like black men, but “sticking out” Asian hair, and there was a lot of it at the base of his long, cut dong!

And he wasn’t shy about showing it!


“Give you my semen!” 

Was one of his translated comments (he was using the translator, I could tell).

Reminded me of the M.I. and Amy, hehe.

But anyway, it drove me insane with lust, and I’m sure no woman has ever sent him as many text messages as I did, as many LUST FUELED messages… finally, I could tell, he was replying with “one word”, but I could tell it was overwhelming. Hehe.

I promised to introduce him to Mistress Lucy.

She loves horny sexy slim studs like that, unfortunately Master is in Jiangxi in China, Lucy in … I believe Shaanxi.

Oh well, they can chat at least!

Not sissy chat as I do with Lucy, but real man – woman chat.

She has the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, and it’s so nice!

On that note, THAT is what caused that sissygasm last night.

I could have made it ruined or nipples, but I KNEW when I saw that dick, as I kept telling him, I wanted it in my sissy HOLE!

And as I put two fingers in, I didnt even need to get to the ADVANCED, bliss coursing through YOU techniques I teach in Sissygasm Central, truly the best manual of its kind out there.

I just did the basics.

I was ready even before that!

And as my finger went in, and I felt the “lovely urge”, and my cum just “peed” out, GALLONS of it, I used THREE paper towels to wipe it up.

“I’d drink that load!” another sissy marveled on Twitter.

Yes, we sissies stay hard and produce Lots of cum when done RIGHT!

And all the sissy conditioning I do, which has been emblazoned and “burned” on to my brain – all the femdom conditioning… 

But anyway, I did my best to keep the finger in as my anus tried to “expel” it post orgasm (that lovely contraction I wrote about the other day!) ….

It felt so BLISSFUL!


And I’m still so horny – I remember flicking my nipples right after I sissygasmed, and I wanted it again!

Just like a real woman, THAT Is the real turn on here!

Constant orgasms, COSMIC orgasms, BLISS INDUCING orgasms … all possible with the way I teach you. 

And as I thank that lovely Vietnamese tranny I wrote about so much for just having a lovely DICK, her beautiful worship worthy DONG …

Master, you’re so NICE! Thank you so much from wifey!?

I just had to say thank you, no reason. HAha.

Like a lady correctly pointed out the other day, and like I say in the book on femdom affirmations.

Keep thanking and complimenting her anyway, boy, it should be ROUTINE for you! 

And she’s right!

I so want to be Ma’am’s wife – or the Chinese Master’s wife?

Or, the Korean Stud’s wife…. causal lay … hehe.

SO much!

But what she replied with –

Mmm~ if you’re thankful, then be ready repay me with some sexual pleasures~

Followed by several giggles, smileys, and such.


She has it SO SPOT ON!

I knew I chose the right one. Hehe. I always do!

So true, Master, so true! Thank you for saying that too.  My mouth is all yours, ass too, suck your dick, lick your balls, your ass, and finally, if you want, you can mount me … It’s so NICE, being Ma’ams wife… SERVING HER! ….

… and house work too, not just sexual pleasure, I’m sure. So Ma’am can relax, put her feet up, command! Always ready to give you pleasure, for YOUR cum …

And this, my friend, seems to be a great note to end on!

To recap – get the book on sissygasms NOW.

And also, remember, you sissies that get off on and love to be outed – apply HERE – and we’ll get you going, sissy!

(remember, pink frocks, dicks, pictures, whatever you want, all goes, hehe).

(including words to your current S.O or such , whatever you choose!)

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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