The book that changed Mungo Gary’s life – like NEVER BEFORE!

“Truly a LIFE CHANGING BOOK!” were his words, so excited was he that I could literally FEEL IT!

Like, the waves of excitement at finally having discovered his “thang” were pouring off him!

And I agree with him.

The book he’s referring to that we will get to shortly truly does do two things.

One, it brings you full circle – like NONE Of my other books do.

And two, it teaches you your true role in life, but more importantly , to accept it – and believe it or not, you can advance in OTHER SPHERES OF YOUR LIFE TOO with the advice in this book – if you truly “accept who you are” – stud or sissy – man or woman – what you were MEANT TO BE, then …

THAT is what life is all about, supposed to be all about!

Check out what Mungo Gary sent in from the Philippines –

Truly a life changing book. I was an out of work and out of shape middle manager with not much to provide to my family or society. After reading this book I changed my life dramatically from a middle manager that could barely speak up to my supervisors to an actual STUD! I don’t take crap from anyone. Thanks to the lessons I received in this book. But fitness was only the tip of the iceberg for me. After contacting the author he turned me onto an entire new way of life with his other books on erotica. I never knew what a femdom could be or how I could truly unleash my powers not only in the physical arena but in the sexual one as well. 

Mile Watson truly turned me into the man or woman I was meant to be. You have to read his “Cock worship for sissies and fagg**s if you wanna really change your fitness and your life! Thanks mike! 

Now, y’all might be wondering what’s up with the fitness part?

When he first contacted me, I introduced him to my friend’s fitness books (remember, that olive skinned STUD!) – because he was being such a faggot.

But he never did really go away, so I finally got him on these books.

It was all part of the “When you’re wife thinks you’re too little” post I once wrote!



Several things are, actually.

The first being a comment from my coon ass friend Rueben (the same guy here!) who I was once discussing being FAT with – when I once was, and he made the following comment in a sage manner like only HE could . . .

You know you’re too fat when you look down and your belly is so big you can’t see your dyck!

LOL. But true, if you think about it . . .

Then of course, that old Chinese saying I’ve spoken about before.

“Ren Pang Qiu Dian”

(fat man have small penis)

And I’ve explained this one before too, hehe.

And last, but not least, an ex girlfriend of mine way back in the day

“You want . . . again??” she said, a horrified look on her face. “Third time!”

Well, not horrified – – but, you get the drift! Hehe. ‘Twas but a few hours between . . . and while I ain’t gonna go there, you know what I mean!

Anyway, where am I working up to with all this garbage you might ask?

I don’t know, my friend. Well actually I do and I’ll tell ya once I stop cackling . . .

You on this list will recall that a subscriber wrote to me asking about certifications etc, and got an answer detailing my thoughts on the matter.

And after all was said and done and the dust settled, I got a response that made my jaw literally drop with amazement (and a chuckle or two ensued).

I didn’t think it would lead to this after his comments on my “style being unique”, and me saying “as it should be, hehe”.

i need to be more man. my wife thinks im too little and i dont think she wants to sex with me anymore. i need to save my family

This response floored me. LOL. For a while I didn’t reply, and then I sent this back –

Get on a manly exercise routine then. You’ll FEEL more manly straightaway, not to mention LOOK more manly . . .

Now, I can’t say if it’ll make the size of his you know what increase, and we better not go there, but the point stands!

My friend is from the fitness industry, a bonafide STUD … so maybe I’ll introduce him to my friend!

(I actually did though, as you can see above!)

And why do I bring this up again?

Because if there is ONE book that brings you full circle to what you were MEANT TO BE, SUPPOSED TO BE – it is this book!

Gary Mungo above turned into not just a stud at work after realizing he was meant to be a cock sucker – he also turned into a bonafide sissy in bed – and he forgot all about satisfying his wife, and focused on what he does best, ie. suck real men’s cocks best!

And he’s happy, so is his wife . . . 

Thats how life should be, sissy boy!


And you studs out there, use this book to teach your sissies how to worship your cock RIGHT!

DO IT RIGHT, or not at all – and on that note!

Get Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots NOW, my friend.

It truly will turn you into the MAN or woman you were always MEANT TO BE!

(or, the sissy and faggot – or stud – you were meant to be!)

This book is nigh magical, my friend.

I cannot explain it in mere WORDS. They dont do justice to it!

Get the book, you’ll see what I MEAN!


Mike Watson

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