Cum, that GREAT equalizer!

I’ve often spoken about my time in India with Garima Madam – and of course, the lovely, inimitable Priyanka MA’am!

And while I enjoyed most of my stay there, there were things I did NOT like.

For instance, liqor stores in India which till this date are like “prisons” with steel bars through which your grog or what not is handed (forget about choosing – they give you what they want, and you pay first, or no look see either!) …

One of my PET hates about the place, and despite “some” better stores opening – nothing like what you and I are used to, trust me.

It amazes me that a country like India doesnt have convenience stores for one where you can pick up a six pack!

Hey, it’s got some – such – gorgeous dominating WOMEN!

But anyway …

I’ve always referred to those places, in India, Madam called them “theeka” (I dont know what that word means, it’s got a double meaning I think) – as the great equalizers.

No matter how rich or poor you are, and there is huge income disparity in Asia, especially China and India, no matter how “nice “you are, no matter how cultured or what not, or whatever it’s all called, you stand in line and jostle at the thekas no matter what, and you get your grog handed to you PRISON style no matter WHAT, or HOW MUCH YOU PAY, even!

Trust me, hehe.

At lease fin dominas, the more you pay, the better they dominate you!

The Great Equalizer, I’ve often called them.


Along with these days, of course, COVID, which … again, same thing!

HITS everyone hard, if it has to, no exceptions.

And CUM too!

I just saw a video of  a stud.

Massive, lovely black cock – like Jeremy’s, except a different sexy color – just SHOOTING cum loads!

Reminds me of when Madam with that DISGUSTED expression in Sin City Diaries arched her head because she thought I was going to shoot loads at the ceiling – I PAID her to give me a handjob, she was so disgusted Ma’am wouldb’t even touch my dick, so NATURALLY DOMINATING, that is the most erotic part i.e she truly FELT that way!

But anyway … she DID flick my nipples so nicely, again so naturally which was the biggst turn on!

But anyway …


Looking at the dong, I can almost imagine TIGHT lips – pussy or not – around it – MORE PRESSURE!


And he ultimately, with all the pleasure the back and forth does, the stronger the better – CONTRACTS – and CUMS – loads of it!

Extreme right, there was a cuck.

Locked up – totally!

Yet, through the tiny slit on his device, a steady stream of cock juice and prostrate milk flows out!

Like a steady river, no gush, no spurt, like a baby peeing!

Or anyone peeing, hehe.

And the dildo is the ONLY thing going in and out of him, his penis gets NO attention!

And again, like with the stud?

I can feel the cock HIT his prostrate, each touch making it THROB big time …

And every so often, the pee erupts, the cuck can’t even control it (one of the lovely beauties of sissygasms!) .

LOADS of cum again.

The great equalizer!

Treats all equally, hehe.

And cum is so – so – so – NICE!

I so love it!

And Madam has given me PLENTY OF IT – trust me on this one!

Pick up Cuckold Compilations to read more about it. You’ll love it!


Mike Watson

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