Emily or Gwen Ma’am?

Or, Stephanie, if thats her name!

She’s so gorgeous, my friend, she has a lovely beautiful smile, she’s bodacious, she’s SOMEWHAT (not very) “big” as well (to the point she keeps thinking men – all men are looking at her ass, nothing else – most are, yes, but me? Never, hehe – well, not really I did look – but I was looking more at her SOLES! Madam is so NICE!) – and she was wearing a swimsuit, on her stomach, that PROFOUND POSE with legs up, SOLES SHOWING.

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a site I’d never been to before. I normally dont go to these sites, but something prompted me to enter my card information, and there I was.

And I saw Gwen Ma’am!

There were plenty of other girls there.

I checked them all out.


Nothing doing.

(And on that note, my question again to you INDIAN ladies out there, true, we subs only want to see legs and feet, but I’m curious, why are you the only ones that don’t show your face, Ma’am? The security situation, or … ? I mean, it’s sad, because show that lovely face, so sneering and dominating, you could make a lot more MOOLAH, MAdam!).

I’ll never truly figure Indian ladies out.

Paye Lagu, Madam!

Thats all I can say.

But back to Gwen Ma’am …

Just RAVISHING, Gorgeous, she kept shaking her boobs.

I kept looking at her shoulders, feet, I could sense she was tired and bored, I wanted to press them!

“Ma’am, can’t be easy talking to wierdos and losers like us!”

She laughed and politely said she was used to it.

sure, I said.

You’re a pro!

“I’m nothing like a pro”, Mam giggled. 

‘You’re the perfect blend of giggly and pro” I said. Hehe. 

And she is!

“I dont like those cold pros, emotionless”. 

(and I dont!)

“It’s not easy doing what you do, Ma’am”, I said. “lots of people think it’s just about skin show, a few words, but truth is, it’s a lot tougher than just that!” 


Then she went on to agree – and explain that “the cold pros make a lot more moolah”.

Maybe they do I dont know – I think the truly empathetic ones do!

She’s Ukranian, sounds half American, and sounds just like the Southern girlfriend Emily I once had, never fully comfortable with my submissive tendencies.

“Baby I’m a Christian, why do you want me to say mean things to you”.

She wasn’t even overly religious.




“I dont mind you looking at my soles!” said Gwen.

But Ma’am is tired of it, and most of all, what she kept saying as she tried to cover it up – but couldn’t!

“OUCH! My ass is hurting!” 

And though she tried her best not to say it in a bitchy manner, you can’t hide feelings!

I asked her what happened, she said it was an operation, I said OUCH! That must hurt!

“Not my ass, my ASSHOLE!” she said. 


I still dont know exactly what happened, but it’s a trite reminder of what I keep saying in Sissygasm Central – EXERCISE ALL DUE CAUTION!

It ain’t simply about lubin yourself up.

it’s about getting USED To an unnatural movement that feels better than even natural, as most fetish does!

Anyway, Gwen took me for a loop, literally. 

Those feet!

Ma’am, i KNOW you dont like what you do – too much.

Ma’am, I KNOW you can be very lazy, and you ARE dominating, despite what you say!

It shows in your eyes, those lovely eyes, that lovely knowing smile, cloaked in a velvet glove.

MA’AM, your nailpolish, purple, is SO NICE, it suits you!

MA’AM, your skin is so soft, lovely and beautiful, such fair skin!

Ma’am, any color nailpolish, Red, blue, purple .. .pink, would all suit you!

Ma’am, I believe you are the one!

Ma’am, if you’re meant to read these, along with the other private messages I sent, I’m sure you will!

Ma’am, if I could please put medicine on your asshole, and kiss your ass and say thank you, then press your feet, do the dishes, the laundry, while you focus on MONEY (and your boyfriend, if you have one – I dont think she does!).

Ma’am, you’re just so NICE, Ma’am, you threw me for a LOOP!

Ma’am you are indeed a Romanian Queen and Goddess – and A PRINCESS!

“So now I’m a Princess”, Ma’am giggled last night.

“A Romanian goddess!”

Yes, Ma’am, you are!

I spoke about how she was bored, she said not after I chatted with her.

“Maam, I’m glad I could entertain you”, I said shyly.

She laughed.

“I can entertain you too!” she went. 

The very thought!

My entertainment is serving her.

Somehow I know she knows it, and thought of me last night as I did her ..


Paye Lagu, Ma’am, and recover soon.

Yours truly cucked,

Mike Watson

Best to all of you as well!

PS – Y’all reading this, make sure and pick up Cuck Central right now, will turn you into the cuck of your dreams with the important part taken care of, i.e. SHE ENJOYS IT!

PS #2 – Gwen MA’am, as I keep saying, NEVER about body shape, or size.



(and she’s 26, I’m much older – calling her Ma’am is what it’s bout!)

MALIK PAYE LAGU, you’re so NICE! Thank you So MUCH!

Gwen Ma’am (or is Stephanie, hehe) – you’re truly so nice!

So many other girls on that site, I saw you first, I’m hoooked.

For a reason we both know. Hehe.

Ma’am, just want to say you recovered well – or are, and that since your younger, of course you’re “Ma’am”.

I’m never Sir. As you know! 😀

Ma’am, I’m so sorry for the operation to your asshole, I still dont know why it was required, but I’d happily
put ointment on it, and say thank you to you for the honor – and kiss your ass cheeks as well.

And of course, press your feet so you can be lazy, and relax.

My only request?

Never do housework Ma’am, your hands, just so beautiful!

I will try and chat with you again soon, if that sOK, and you dont mind, thank you so much.

INDEED AN HONOR, perfect Madam Gwen!!

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