Gwen Ma’am, and the purest,purest of LOVE! (as Madam Tracy once told me).

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Gwen Ma’am, and the purest,purest of LOVE! (as Madam Tracy once told me).

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Remember Madam Tracy?

She once said this about my friend from fitness – the INdian dude.

I think he’s Indian, at least. I dont know, he’s so hot, he looks like he could be from anywhere, truly the chameleon he says he is!

Truly another Jason Bourne, perhaps EVEN FITTER, definitely sexier – to me at least!

“Pure love!” she once told him.


This was about a girl he once fell in love with, and even after they split up, he had feelings for her.

He’s so NICE!

If y’all want to know, I’ll send you his site.

But anyway … he’s so NICE!


And though he ain’t no cuck at all, that is what Tracy, a lady friend of his who often said “India man very HOT!” – she found him hot too – once told him when he got annoyed at her for laughing bout it.

She was right, was Tracy.

The affair was over, it was time to move on, Sir did not.

For a while, at least, then he did, and how!

He was truly in love.

And so she told him laughingly since at that point there was no sex between them.



It sure was!

Sissy love as well, you could say. Hehe.


I wrote about Gwen Ma’am here!

I barely know her.

And thats the sort of feelings I have for her now, she’s so GORGEOUS, such a perfect GODDESS AND QUEEN!

Enough said on her on the link above, but I saw her reading the other day, which is also what attracted her to me.

No, I do NOT want her to buy my books unless Ma’am wants, I’ll never sell anything to her.

I’ll just promote her for free so SHE MAKES MORE MONEY, hopefully doesnt need to talk with losers like us, hopefully ENJOYS HER LIFE!

True femdom, findom, all about HER!

She’s so NICE!

What a GODDESs!

But her profile did say “I love men that can have CONVERSATION with me, sensible conversation that turns me on“.

Other than all her fetishes etc listed, THAT is what did it.

NO other girl on the site, not that I wanted any of them – I saw her first, she’s the one, period – said anythng like that, they didnt even turn me on remotely, Gwen Ma’am, she says the pros make more money, I dont see how!


Maybe there aren’t that many TRUE Femdom lovers out there.

If you’re one, then you should have a copy of the best book on it?


IF not, well, I’m sorry to say you’re NOT (unless you plan on getting it like NOW).

Drop all you’re doing and get this book now, it works on attracting ANYTHING to you, not just femdom! 

But anyway…………………………….

That is what I want for Gwen Ma’am!

Just her to relax, me to serve, and the fact she READS – so lovely!

As I once told Madam … I can’t remember, the lovely 19 year old lady – I was 27 then …

Ma’m, please sit down with your feet in hot water, Goddess … Let me press your legs for you, Madam …

Madam sitting in a chair, reading her book, me pressing her legs as the legs kick against me with each rock of her rocking chair … 

I cannot remember Ma’am’s name, I will soon, she was young, and so I so loved calling her MADAM! 


I’m out.

Back soon!



Mike Watson

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