Snake’s tongue, Mike, snake’s tongue!

The snake, so love it! Not so much as an animal as it’s “black Mamba” “stealthy” nature – which I’ve myself been called that too on occasion!

Wait, watch, coil , spring – only when the time – or tongue, hehe – is right.

Sometimes I’ll wait for YEARS.

Sometimes a nano second. And so forth.

And when I see cocks, usually the latter. Hehe. It’s so natural for me, I’ve always been a natual born cocksucker and sissy – and therefore, I, bar NONE – I am the BEST person to teach you about cock sucking!

Bar none.

I could end this email here.

BUt I wont.

As I saw a couple of ladies on Twitter salivating over a LONG black DONG – it’s so nice and LONG, more than thick! (although thick is really what girls want, and long often has “plumbing issues” down the road – nothing if not full of sissy knowledge I have, this told to by an ex well experienced in men, hehe – for the sheer visual impact, NOTHING BEATS LONG!

And if it can stay ROCK HARD like slightly smaller and thicker ones can – all the better!) … I gotta say this.

Snake’s tongue, Ma’am, snake’s tongue!

It’s the same thing I was taught when learning how to BOX.

The Jab.

Snake’s tongue, Mike, Snake’s tongue!

The jab ideally should come – out of nowhere.

And it should WHACK like a whip, and then bounce back to starting position, leaving the fighter ready and prepared for more, bouncing about on the balls of his – or her feet.

Ive been ballbusted by so many lovely FEMALE FIGHTERS, I so LOVE!

Including a certain Angelina who I thought couldn’t, box,  she was cooking of all things, I asked her to show me, and she almost caught me off balance with a wild haymaker!

I’d kiss her feet anyway!


But snake’s tongue is how you should fight, stealthy, coiled, full of energy waiting to erupt like a snake.


Like a volcano?

Those COCKS?

Faggots and sissies, in the best course ever on cock sucking (you wont find another that comes near, not even with 10 inch black dongs) ….

I teach you many lovely ways to suck cock – and the one way NOT to – which is how they do it in porn.

Most of what is shown in porn in terms of cock sucking – utter rot, unrealistic, doesnt FEEL Good.

From someone, yours truly that has been on  both – I repeat – BOTH – extreme ends of the dong-dum – spectrum, hehe – trust me on this one!

And I dont necessarily call the snake technique what I do here in the book, but I teach it, tongue flicking in and out, in his pee hole, teasing it – OH MY!

What a beautiful WEAPON his dong is!

It works great for RUINED ORGASMS too – again, I dont call it the snake technique, but it can be done on nipplegasms too!

And WHILE you’re having sissygasms.

Can be done with tongue and fingers both …

For you studs and sissies BOTH, and everyone in between, trust me, open yourself up sexually – pun intended, physically and not – and you’ll see what I mean ; LIFE IN GENERAL will open up – you’ll feel so GOOD!

Anyway, on an aside … I asked Madam Sophia, or rather she asked me.

“Whats a dong!” 

I explained.

Ding Dong, as I go in Humiliation Central, thats all I needed to say along with doorbells and tinkles – she got it. Hehe.

And as for you, sissy, I’m tinkling your bell NOW – and it’s time for you to serve – HER – and pick up Humiliation Central, and some other great products now.

No more postponing the inevitable, sissy.

Might as well get to it now like the barrage of dishes multiplying like roaches in your kitchen, or not – if you’ve done your wifely duties well!


And, remember all the rewards we got going on, almost as juicy as the load of dollopy cum Master gives you …



Mike Watson

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