I covered this before, except in this format “Mi Mi Mi, Mi Mi Mi!”

The taunt. The “taunting way” these lovely girls sometimes taunt us men.

(Or woman, as I said in Serving an INdian Goddess – and there is a reason, hehe. I so love being a woman and doing the womanly things as Madam Susan, perfect Madam Susan … KNOWS!)

But anyway … Let’s talk YOU.

WHY are YOU on this list – or site?

Obviously to meet a desire – a need – which hasnt been met, and for most of you  – you never see it being met.

And a lot of you aren’t willing to take the steps in order for it to BE met, so yo ujust sit there and do nothing.

Which is fine – by ME!

And not, hehe.

But anyway, lets forget yours truly.

If you want abundance – of cocks – dicks – women (dominant) – soles – feet – to want as Thomas did i.e. to “play with women anytime” – it ain’t gonna come through ME.

It won’t be (certainly not!) by meand introducing you.

No way.

They won’t play wit you just because you want to (first thing YOU KNOW!).

And lets get to the meat of this.

Just why is Princess Joanie the key to this?

Why is Cuck Central – a book that advocates NOT getting any for YOU – the SUPER DUPER KEY to this? 

Well, it’s got to with the Princess, and how she STANDS.

That pose isn’t the most beautiful, it’s not the most dominant you might say – but it encapsulates why I love Chinese women, and why SHE is the key!

What does that pose SCREAM OUT TO YOU?


And therein lies the key to abundance at anything!

You can also KICK away by the SOLE of your foot what you dont want – as she is doing!

And the more she kicks, the more she ATTRACTS.

Especially MONEY.

And given that’s of interest to you ON this list – I know for a fact you’ll want to learn it.

Whether you DO or not?

Up to you!


Mike Watson

PS – No, I won’t run after you to get the courses, but here and here are the links (for those who want it – truly do!). (not the rest).

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