The sexiest thing about being a SISSY, my friend.


The mental aspect, of course!

But if there was something physical I’d ask you to put in the physical slot, pun intended?


Your sissy receptacle – double pun?

Really, physically, whats the ultimate “sexiest” thing – and I mean long term?

It’s not cocks or sissygasms to me, it’s not the sheer bliss, it’s not the sheer EUHPHORIA every real sissy feels all day its not “your feminine side being FINALLY liberated”, it’s not the lust, it’s not …

Actually, it IS all of the above, but it’s something more too!

And that something to me, is butt plugs!

“Always wear your butt plug, boy!”  (she’d often have a RAISED FOREFINGER while saying it, so PROFOUND, OH MY !) THAT LOOK IN THE EYE! MY OH MY! MADAM … JI! PAYE LAGU!

Butt plugs were a ROUTINE part of Madam Pearl and my “play” – though it so real , real life felt like play!

She’d command me to put it in FIRST THING I woke up – in fact, if it was out the night before.

It usually wasn’t.

I’d stay up leaking, pressing her feet all night long, when she woke she would squeeze a button sometimes!


That little tinge would make me sissygasm but not the full one – then stop!

YEs, there’s levels to sissy-gasms too, and you’ ll learn that indirectly in the best book on it – Sissy-Gasm Central.

Truly the best and only of it’s kind – I should know, I wrote it, and I’m truly ther best there is, best there was, best there likely ever will be in terms of TRUE femdom, the real Mc Coy!

Never say never?

Maybe, hehe.

But to me, butt plugs!

Whether remote controlled or not is another thing.

But being “filled” all day in my sissy hole, knowing what it means to sit down to pee and have it not come out …

Knowing how women feel when horny and leaking all day … which butt plugs WILL Do to you …

And if my cock is caged, well, …!

And if not?

I’ll spurt during the day in my panties.


And it’s just, I dont know, the sheer symobilsm of NOT being allowed to go anywhere without my holes filled in some way, shape or form …

Much like women, they “have” to look pretty …

So do us sissies, hehe.

And butt plugs, and regular usage of these is something I highly recommend for all budding sissies.

More invaluable tips right here GUARANTEED to hit the spot – pun intended – and turn you truly into sissy numero uno – if you’re not too cheap to invest in sissydom, that is.

Get it here – Sissy Central.


Mike Watson

PS – Or, pick up both courses above in “reader” format…

PPS – “Can it be for $20 Sir”.

An idiot recently asked me that.


Price wankers, this ain’t the place for you. ONLY for SERIOUS AND REAL FEMDOM LOVERS That understand and know they’ll do what it takes to GET to where they want to be.

Underfoot, cucked, sissified and most of all?


How much is that worth – I’d say priceless!

Wackos and Bozo types dont get it, but the real doers DO – you KNOW!

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