Why I do what I do !

A rather philosophical note from Mike Watson to YOU – this one, but it makes sense, and it has BEARING – just as I see a similar email I wrote for the MIss V Inspired Fitness Business I run!

But she takes the money, of course. Hehe.

What a lovely lady !

Paye lagu, Malkin … JI!

In all the different languages it can be said.

But anyway, and either way – – this morning I got a note from Qualtrics or some other such survey machine asking me my top 2 or 3 goals for the business, how I’d measure success and so forth, and … well, I lost interest after that because it’s likely a survey noone will read unless thy want to “pick people’s brain for free” (believe me, the hordes of freebie seekers are just increasing by the day!) ..

I didnt proceed with the survey, but it’s an interesting question – my definition of success.

Could also be rephrased as why I do what I do!

Well, let’s dive into it with an Emerson quote I remember – which can be summed up as THIS.

If just ONE person benefits immensely from your products, if just ONE person’s life changes upon discovering and using your products, if you inspire and uplift just ONE person immeasurably … then you have SUCCEEDED!

Which is so true – Jeff Bezos I believe has this quote on his fridge too.

If reports are to believed, he even does the dishes. Hehe. (I dont know how true they are, but he probably does!).

(the most mundane of chores can be a relief to do sometimes, just like us “outwardly alpha males” giving up control to WOMEN can be so LIBERATING!)

Trust me on this one!

I often feel at BLISS when doing Madam inspired housework – trust me on this one!

Or, housework in general … even when it’s not femdom related or what not.

But anyway …

If I can just put a smile on ONE lady’s face – or get ONE sissy cock hard – if I can get ONE person, just one person to automatically think “Madam, you’re so NICE!” when she does “nothing” except be herself, if I can get people thinking “women are superior no matter what – fetish aside” – if I can teach ONE person how to get bliss they have NEVER experienced before – if my emails are the first thing just ONE person looks forward to with his or her cup of Joe or Jane, or in between, hehe – then I’ve done my job!

True, creating a profitable biz has always been high on my list.

But think about it.

When you truly “go” – or pass – what will your last thought be?

Of someone that enjoyed life to the fullest – or a sense of “I coul dhave done more!”

Or a sense of “I could have done this, but didnt try b/c of what people thought!”

Or so forth … !

Napoleon Hill onc erightly said the numero uno people fail is “they listen too much to their friends, family or neighbors” (who without meaning to , and he didnt say it in these words, but thats the gist – are unrelentingly “pull the crab back into the bucket” negative – either consciously or not).

VIBES MATTER more than we think they do!

(consciously think)

Femdom still isn’t widespread or accepted.

If I tell people what I do – they look at me as if I’m BONKERS.

(especially given my alpha male otherwise outlook – they can’t even believe I do it!)

But to me, it’s all so worth it .. just to wake up in the morning, and say – or think – Paye Lagu Malkin – and tweak my nipples – and knowing OTHERS are doing the same.

Sexual pleasure aside, its the THOUGHTS that count.

If I can influence your thoughts femdom wise, and I do so quite well – well – for THIS business – THAT is it!

And that, myf riend is that.

Rest assured, of course, I’ve got no intentions of passing anytime soon.

When I do, it might be with pink slippers and a frilly frock, hehe.

And I’m sure I’ll write to you before about it!

All for now. Be sure and pick up some great BOOKS right here – and even better manuals right HERE!


Mike Watson

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