GEYSERS of CUM just waiting to ERUPT . . .

And the effect Perfect Madam Pooja had on me, I should say, and still does!

You remember Pooja don’t you?

The lady with THAT sole shot I referred to in an email or so prior to this one . . . And the lady I’ve been thinking about damn near every night before going to bed.

Anyway, so I was massaging “his” feet.

His soles.

Master’s feet were dangling over the bed – one calf, that is.

And as he lay down, relaxed, I moved over to rub his feet and calves, as if on AUTO pilot . . .

“Sir, is that comfortable”, I asked him.

And without waiting for his answer, I moved his leg up on the bed to join his other leg splayed out, the perfect picture of obeisance if there EVER was one.

Or should I say picture perfect, hehe.

And as I rubbed and kneaded his perfect soles, uncannily similar to my own, something began to BUILD.

My dick started to STRAIN at the bit . . .

. . . and though I tried to control it, and control it I DID even without touching “it”, it finally erupted.

It was the sort of semi orgasm where the first spurt is muted, but the rest of the load “rushes” out without the right amount of pleasure, sort of like a ruined orgasm, as if to say “damn, it feels good to be OUT!

And since I’ve gone a while without being drained, or without any orgasm at all (normal for me!) this was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

And of course, thinking about Pooja all day didn’t help!

Anyway, the import of this dream wasn’t obvious to me at first, but then I woke up.

Wrote it down in my dairy, as I do most of my dreams.

And . . .

As I stood up, I felt it.

My shorts were sticky.

I put a hand down there to check. Surely I hadn’t pissed my pants??


It was dried CUM.

And it was a wet dream – cum – ruined orgasm.

And if you don’t believe me with regard to the fact that lust continued unabated in my body, I touched my nipples, and my dick stood up.

SPRANG free of the pubic hair. Broke free of the cum tying it down to the hair.

And .  . enough said, boys??

This is one reason ruined orgasms (and wet dreams are usually semi-ruined orgasms, especially if you don’t rub against the bed involuntarily while having ‘em!) are SO effective in keeping a male caged and subservient to you, Madam!

And to her Sir too, of course. Hehe.

That’s why I wrote a whole book on it, and that’s why I’m bringing you excerpts from my own life HERE.


Here is where you can go to partake of the fun (and beware – once you get on the fetish train, you NEVER go back, boy!).


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can read about tales of femdom that will leave you salivating for MORE –

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