The more dust there is, the more I LIKE – LOVE IT!

Madam……………… PLEASE!

It’s so NICE!!!

They could be Pooja Memsahib … JI!’s perfect DUSTY – cracked soles – BEFORE I ever started my minstrations to them (though of course, NOW, it seems I was BORN FOR THAT!).

Ma’am looks straight through me , and strips me naked every time she looks at me, fat belly protruding.

She is SO NICE!

Paye Lagu, Madam!

On other hand, perfect Madam Su, her of the many men – and I can NEVER have a single girl, her included most likely! (well, since I couldn’t satisfy her in BED, hehe). Her soles were always pampered and pedicured.

And as I sit here right now in a very dusty environment created by an utter fool (just Sophia tells me, you “FOOL!” – this LADY is an utter fool, the one that created the mess) ….

I gotta say this.

Ma’am – i.e. my So. walks barefoot!


So do so many other ladies, Indian maids – with soles CAKED FULL OF DUST, staring me in the face!

I can TASTE The grime, Ma’am!

Thank you S O MUCH!

Mixed in with cum and … well, you’ll have to read  Krystal – the Teaching Assistant that was anything BUT – for the special “treat” she made me eat regularly, a crunchy treat indeed! – and HOW she did it.

(remember, there is a Sequel – two of them – too!)

Trust me, you’ll cum and leak just reading that book, so sexy is it!

I’ve been so lucky, really…

(and you on this list, quit procrastinating – and complaining about your life and poor luck in terms of attracting women – get the BOOK now – PERIOD!).

Yes, you, YOU FOOL!



But really, even if Sophia doesnt say it, it true!

And staring at her soles before washing them clean and drinking the water, those BLACK soles, those TIRED SOLES, the toes cracked, the DIRT STACKED UP BETWEEN THE TOES – the cracks in the HEELS – Madam, OH MY!

Paye Lagu, Madam!



Mike Watson

PS – I even wrote odes to the two most loveliest and dominant OLDER LADIES – just ODES, I’ll sing ’em all day, and here they are –

25  Odes to perfect Pooja Memsahib… JI!

15 odes to Perfect Madam Susan! … JI!

Ma’am, you’re so NICE! REALLY! SO NICE!

And you guys – reading this – really, get the books now, I can’t figure out what you’re waiting for given all this!? And if you’re just on the list for freebies, please, buh – bye NOW.

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