Why I so love being Christina’s (and Janet’s if Madam remember, hehe) – BESTIE!

“The more the merrier”, hehe.

I remember a friend saying that, I remember people saying that in movies, and in general.

Often times, it is!

Especially when Madams are getting pleasured by MANY MEN, and yours turly cucked, sissy is … on the recieving end too if I might say, hehe.

Indeed, Cock Worship for Bozos, Sissies and Faggots – and much more!

But, that part comes LAST, my friend.

And the true Bozos (like a certain – you know, that loser in Brum) don’t get it, they try and bring the sexual aspect to femdom FIRST, and flop miserably.

The girls dont just run and block them, they run like HARES FROM THEM!

And they dont even punt ’em in the balls like Glyn (that guy, that “Bozo Schofield in Brum”) so likes. Hehe.

Now, on that note.





These are all such a common terms for me.

but I love this one the best.


Sophia, youre so NICE, thank you SO MUCH!

And so is Christina!

I taught her the meaning of “bestie today”.

“In Chinese we have this one”, she went, sending some Chinese over.

Translated, it read “best friend, best man”

She means bestie!

And transitioning from a bestie to a sissy is so nice – but also so EASY. Hehe.

Madam Janet, the same girl who called me (Well, those who like it) a freak … called me a bestie too. Hehe.

Like another girl, she’d keep saying.

Of course, she knew it too – like Christina – from the minute she ADDED ME!

But Janet was a bit different from Christina.

Madam Christina, or Christina Ma’am as I call her these days is SO NICE!

“Madam , can I hold your umbrella? But not your purse, in China that means lover…” I grinnned.

She giggled.

“Talk to you, make me feel so better, my husband never say those words!”

(I’ve been going ga ga “Bozo style” over her over the past few days. SHE MAKES ME SO WEAK – I just got off a LONG talk with her too!)

Truly such a Queen and goddess.

Anyway, she was complaining about her brother in law, how filthy he was (reminds me of that guy Glyn).

He “forgets to flush the toilet”. 


Like, how can someone forget something so basic???

Admittedly it can be an issue in China, and some foreign losers like Glyn are like that (this guy Glyn though makes a pest of himself everywhere – my fitness friend once tol dme about how he went to another guy’s house, and the guy later got back with an angry rant to the order of

“Glyn is just a LOUT! He sits there, does nothing, drinks all my beer, eats my food, makes a mess, doesnt clean up!”

True, I dont know this Bozo myself, but he does seem like a royal pest.

No wonder the girls run away from me.

Apparently the mutual friends’ other visitors are much better, they are polite, clean up etc. This Bozo Glyn was found face down in his underwear on the streets after stealing from them. As Ada rightly said “hes so pathetic!!”

WHAT A REAL LOSER!!!!!!) …. anyway, admittedly its an issue, but really living like that??

Christina Ma’am wants to use the bathroom, yet, turds floating in it!

Sure, if it was Pooja, or Dana, or Christina herself, that sfine!

Her hands are too GOOD FOR IT!

“Madam. please dont do more housework, your hands will get rough”, I keep telling her. I’d probably tell her not to flush too, hehe.

But seriously, guys, get a life – if you “forget” to flush the toilet, or piss all over it, or if you “shit in your pants when drunk and expect it to be cleaned up”, or if you toss in garlic with the laundry (apparently both are trash) … I mean, you’re not just a fucking loser, you’re an idiot.

And an animal that doesnt know how to live.

Yours truly lives alone – when not with Madam and I’ve NEVER been that dirty!

No, I dont do housework all the time.

No, my Nazi feminist mother has nothing to do with it – despit eher many faults, I was never made to do house work growing up.

But certain things, guys, I mean just …. really!

I feel sorry for Madam Christina.

But I’m also so happy “I taught her word in English”, as she says.


Madam wants to learn for free!

And rather than pay to learn from the monkeys at English First or whatever, I’ rather teach her – at her feet – for FREE!

At her pristine, lovely, ROYAL feet!



And I’d happily be her bestie, and cook and clean and massage her …

(doesnt the word bestie have such NICE connotations, friend!)

“If man can’t do chore, he need rent AYI!” she went, angrily. 

I then brought up an interesting point, that being most women complain about women having to do housework etc, the stereotyping, but then they want female ayi’s…

Christina though – like Virginia?

“if have male ayi can do well, I dont mind!” 


“if world have more male ayi, then real man and woman equal for!”

And she’s right. Hehe.

“Madam, if the world has more Christina’s, it would be a FAR NICER PLACE, I went!” 

well, my friend, I could write a book on perfect Madam Christina. Maybe I will!

But I dont know, this is why I do all this… one reason.


Paye Lagu, Memsahib. YOU MAKE IT ALL WORTH IT!


Mike Watson

PS – She said “you need find wife!” 

I asked her why. After all, “girls only want bestie for cleaning service!” Hehe. 

So it should be, hehe.

PS #2 – Turn into the perfect Sissy and Bozo for her by reading and then IMPLEMENTING the tips in Sissy Central – truly the world class “gold standard” for you sissies, either present or wannabe, out there.

PPS – Look for Bozo Schofield to be OUTED soon on the site, he’s paid twice for it apparently. Ugh, eww, what a meanie – I mean, MEANCE – this idiot is! I mean, if there is one person we dont want polluting our fine, fine femdom community, it is HIM … what a LOSER!

(and not just sexually either, I mean , just, ugh!)

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