That perfect… RUINED ORGASM!


That “beseeching” cry you have when you’re REALLY horny – or when you REALLY, REALLY, WANT IT!


And to me, that lust is best caged, and channeled in other directions!

We took a bit of a break from the emails yesterday, it seems – but of course, for me personally,I sent Christina Ma’am like … I think about 100 plus messages yesterday.

I think it bowled even Madam over – big time. Hehe.

Of course, I’m still cucked and locked, but as I look at a set of feet – or ONE foot – not that well shaped, not that “beautiful” – the older lady behind it TIRED and irritated, just putting a foot up as if to say “boy, look!” – and “be done with it, you want foot, HERE!” …

I am SO … Idont know, reminded me of perfect Madam Su and her attitude, dominant, arrogant, so bratty


I can still hear voice ring out …

And she is the best cuckoldress I’ve ever been priveleged to be with, and there are MANY!

But anyway, even Su wasn’t the best at ruined orgasms – she’d cuckold me big time, yes.

Sissygasms, either pleasurable or not – and release – along with Sophia?

Hell yes, she was damn good at it, though I must admit, I’ve never quite experiened women like Empress Cody for one, who took HUMILIATION to new levels – and perfect Madam Krystal – with spoons and everything up my ass!

That metal sure did feel different!

On a side note, and as I keep saying – safety first.

You hear about these horrific crimes where people insert “metal objects” into other people’s private parts- just UGH – these type of criminals, I hate to say, but BULLET TO THE HEAD is the only way!

I think it doesn’t take much imagination to see what I BE talking about, and what type of criminals.

Of either gender, but unfortunately mostly male …

But there are some, many women out there that do the same thing to their housemaids etc … which is equally despicable.

Anyway – housemaids, so back to it!

So I was a nigh perfect housemaid for Su – and of course, the perfect, pliant CUCK!

But ruined orgasms, as I look at the foot in front of me NOW, my fingers flick my nipples. 

I stop after a second or so.


My dong starts to rise.

It woul dbe nigh HARD as heck and HUGE with the actual girl doing it!

But thats all thats needed.

Maybe a jerk or two, but then I’ll stop – or she will, and the orgasm will stop “before it starts”, and this is CRUCIAL!

LOTS OF ladies stop when the “contractions start” – which is good.

But it isn’t a true ruined orgasm, as he might still get 10% pleasure via the first BLAST.

The true ruined orgasm occures when you take away and all PHYSICAL – NOT pictures etc – but physical stimulation – RIGHT BEFORE that first contraction.

So, the contraction doesnt happen at all, no forceful first load, and then nothing, but the entire thing – it just dribbles out.

This takes loads of practice.

Pun intended!

And knowing your partner very well, and it’s different from a sissygasm, trust me.

And it’s one of the most frustrating experiences ever for a male, keep him on EDGE and then some!

And remember – it’s all about the mental. the more visual stimuli etc you provide him with – ladies – but take away the PHYSCIAL – the better you’ll ruin his orgasm, done right, you’ll literally WANT to laugh at it, not just because he wants you to.

Trust me on this one …

Anyway nipples – and Madam Carrie!

At the end of Volume 2, you’ll see what I mean by her being such a natural at ruined orgasms, and if you do it right, it’s almost impossible to ignore the NIPPLES!

Trust me, ruined orgasms require DICK stimulation.

Nipplegasms don’t need even that, when your nipples get that sensitive, you can cum from visuals and ONE SIMPLE FLICK ALONE!

Madam Liao taught me this so well all those years ago, without meaning to – Chinese ladies are such NATURALS AT NIPPLE PLAY!

But anyway, that is yet another book being translated into Spanish, as we speak i.e. Madam Carrie!

And I’m off to give myself some feel oh so good nipplegasms – so I’ll see you soon!

Back soon – in the meantime, GET the courses above, my friend – the best you’ll ever get from Mike Watson – truly the “femdom au extraordinnaire” “one of a kind” writer and BDSM trainer out there!


Mike Watson

PS – I explained one way of doing a ruined orgasm – sort of – up there. Truth be told, this ONE way could keep you busy all your life – there are so many variants to it!

But, in my world famous course “15 ways to give him a ruined orgasm – and have him SALIVATING for more!” – I teach you 15 different ways, all of which have even more variants per tip!

Trust me, my friend, you’ll literally be SALIVATING for more once you incorporate this play into your life.

There is nothing like this book out there, nothing, so get it now.

Once you do, write back – and share your tales and experiences with me.

And I’ll share ’em with the world.

Paye Lagu, Madam. You make it SO WORTH IT!

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