Aren’t older ladies so NICE? And, more of a sneak peek into Mike’s mind!

I love giving users – followers – and people in general a sneek peek into my mind!

16 Inspirational (to me, at least, hehe) Femdom Recollections (India based) – should give you more than a sneak peek into my mind, so should my numerous books, and of course manuals!

But here’s a question even dominant women – the most bratty and dominant have always asked me.

For some reason, they’ve never “actually” treated me like a worthless cuckold.

This reason – well, it’s mentioned in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland”.

It’s one thing to be submissive, to love to grovel – and be proud of it.

IT’s quite another to be a “perennial doormat” in real life – noone likes – or wants that!

A person that is strong in real life, perhaps even “alpha” as people call me – and someone that subs to her otherwise – THAT is it.

So even they keep asking me – just why don’t you “have sex with me normally!”

Ma’am. . . if only!

Submitting to you is much more fun!

Now, why?

Well, part of it is preference, I believe.

but I also believe our subconscious minds dictate all, preferences, achievements, accomplishments, all of it …

Growing up as I did in an abusive household (there is NO excuse for that, male or female – where as a child I was constantly told “I was inferior” and so forth) – the only way I could cope was?

I’m an extremely resilient person in most regards.

I find ways where people see “barricades”.

Harry Houdini I’m often called – not for my physical escapes though. Hehe.

You get the point – and I am not bragging, simply being honest.

The way to deal with living in and growing up in a NAzi feminist household was to internalize it – and not just be comfortable with it – but LOVE it.

The mind always protects itself for those of us that are resourceful.

The rest, well, they buckle and are “gone with the wind” – this is a truism one cannot refute.

I suspect this will sound familiar to most people reading this.

Abusing children – NEVER ON! Fetish is one thing, but what happened to me and many others – NEVER ON.

But you know whats the great part? Not just as Napoleon Hill says i.e. every failure, every misfortune, every problem carries within it the seed of an equivalent, or greater benefit (not the flower of full blown success, but the seed from which it might be said to germinate!).

(I’m paraphrasing, but thats the sum and substance of it).

Well, one – worshipping women, attracting on auto pilot!

And two – all the women I worship?

As I keep saying, the most bratty, successful, domineering, dominating – a REAL Domina, for one ?

They’re anything but unreasonable and Nazi feminist in real life, or I wouldn’t be attracted to them.

They’re SMART – which is what attracts me, hence the MIND that I keep talking about!

But thats the answer to what I’ve been asked so often …

And, perhaps my phimosis as well. HEhe. I was never instructed on how to “pull it back”.

It was a dirty penis, of course!

As I see Madam Reina, a lady I so admire (trans) with a cock just like me .. mine, I mean, hehe – that I’ve written so much about … she posted something so sage.

“Learn how to massage it for me!”

Was her comment.


Yes, she got her phimosis to a point she could see the head, I never did, so much of a pain to keep applying the oil there!

But she’s a Queen and Goddess, I’d do it for her!

And that, my friend, is that.

Thats where my – and I suspect – a lot of our preferences originated…

Write back – tell me what you think!



PS – For those wanting to grovel before perfect Mistress Abby, please let me know, I will forward you on to Madam.

I can’t even say “her”, she is so perfect!

Some women just HAVE IT!

Yes, its business you might think, referrals, intro etc, but none of that applies here.

She is a living Queen and Goddess, one look at those long NATURAL soles, and .. well, thats how it should be the more subs SHE has, the better it is!

Honestly a Goddess on planet Earth!

And if Madam permits, I will post her soles here…

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