Dont cum on my face, boy!

Ma’am, I never would!

But, a bit of a digression …

In ” A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“, you’ll read stories of the lovely Carol, with whom I did just that – and more.

She loved it too.

And facials were just ONE of what I did …

Now, that may surprise some people – i.e. a book on femdom, yet, it was the other way around with Carol – and a few others?

But it’s a sage reminder of one of the tips in the book i.e. to attract what you really want, you can’t – CANNOT – I repeat, not be a Bozo Glyn Schofield in Birmingham sitting around trolliing women with inanites at 230 AM in the morning.

True, thats all he thinks about – and attracts, but they run away from him.


Or, levitate – as in my case!

I do it so effortlessly, him, well, my fitness friend with that long sexy dark dong could tell you better.


Dude’s just a massive pest, really.

PEst control, anyone?

Maybe we should STAMP him under our feet like a cockroach, boy!

Like perfect Madam … Vineeta, vI believe? Told me growing up (well, not me, but another guy told me that. I wonder if she actually said that? But she was so dominant too, she might well have!).

Those stinging SLAPS she delivered, mostly to guys, my word!

For some odd reason, girls got off scot free, hehe, but they were castigated verbally…

I dont think this one makes it into Indian Femdom Recollections, but several other spicy tidbits NOT covered up “growing up in India” … a so called patriarchal society like China … they DO make it in!

And along with 16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations you’ll want to grab these two now.

And your two balls too, hehe, stop yourself from cumming!

I’m out.



Damn, I was thinking ruined orgasms and how well a lady on Twitter explained it. i.e … “at the point of no return”.

Actually, she got it a BIT wrong.

She’s got it 99% spot on.

But you dont do it AT the point of no return.

Ideally, you stop a second before!

The first results in a “partial ruined orgasm”, but for the true dribble down INTENSELY FRUSTRATING effect, you do it the way I teach in 15 ways to give him a ruined orgasm – and have him salivating – NAY, BEGGING! for MORE!

(yes, there is a way to figure out the right “time”. trust me!) 

Trust me, my techniques have NOT been explained anywhere else, including those on sissygasms and nipplegasms.

There is a reason I’m the Real Mc Coy of Femdom, or the Creme La De Femme Creme, what have you. Hehe.

Anyway, facials…

I remember back in the day, and again, this one is NOT mentioned in Sin City Diaries – ANY of the three books on it. 

Back in the day I went to the bordello – and a girl blew me, as was common.

You know, as I keep saying, a blowjob, shower, massage, then sex, then shower, then out – they’d even polish your shoes. They’d take them off, help you put them back on ..

Truly, China does it best when it does decide to do something!!

And I’d often cum on their faces.

Madam Aa Ling that first night enjoyed it (of course, what was to come…!? She was setting me up so well!)

But one of the girls, I still remember the ANGRY, ANNOYED look she gave me – much like THA Tgirl I mention who didnt want to give me a handjob despite me paying for it – and the latter IS covered in Sin City Compilations. (or one of the Volumes).

She closed her eyes too!

And later, despite me paying for it, she almost shouted at me.

How dare you, boy!

Was the attitude. 


She was OK with me cumming in her mouth, but not face, how dare my sissy cum stain her pristine face…

Such a Queen!

Needless to say, when it was after massage, I licked her soles, and she had a giggly-bored expression on her face.

“This loser is weird, and I’m done with him now.Out, boy!” 

“easy job, but really, what a wanker! But I wish they were all this easy, I would not have nasty cocks enter me!”

And so I went!

Paye Lagu, Madam, you’re the best!

And on that note, I’ve given you several spicier than spicy superlative book purchase options here.

Get these books now, myf riend. Truly a great, great month end purchase!


Mike Watson

P.S. – dont forget to leave reviews, and let me know. 10% discount BE waiting!

PS #2 – I didnt even bring up my EROTICA (i.e. fiction) books. Grab some of these too, friend !!! You wont believe ’em!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam tincidunt elementum sem non luctus. Indeed, hehe.
(I dont know why I put this bit in sometimes? I dont know, these girls just make my head SPIN!)

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