A GREAT review for the most “blase and debase book ever” – Pooja Memsahib… JI!

She could be an older Princess Joanie – or an older Priyanka (Jyoti) – both equally extreme.

As I wrote the book, my fingers really and literally shook.

Not because of how fast I was typing, but the lust each word “generated” in me!

And it ain’t just about lust “because of sex”

The book has NO graphic descriptions of sex in it.

Neither do many of my other books (other than the ones on cuckolding, now those are steamy and graphic!).

But real FETISH – and bdsm – is never about sex, my friend.

It’s about theMIND!

And the wonderful opportunities the mind opens up for me, and attracts on auto pilot without us even trying if we do it right!

Anyway, all our books on Indian Femdom have been very well received indeed!

And here’s the latest – Pooja Memsahib…JI!

And, the review beneath –

“I think ‘Pooja Memsahib Ji!’ it is much more than a simple traditional erotic novel where most of the time, the plot focuses only on sex, sex and sex, highlighting the anatomical dimension of eroticism, and this book is much more than that.

Personally, I had never read an erotic novel in which the “inner universe” stood out above other things (I think you get the point, hehe) that is unleashed by male sexual arousal caused by a really beautiful, imperious and above all dominant woman ( hehe) like Pooja. “

(Mauricio Eduardo Flores)


And his puns in the review aside (which I love, haha) – he’s right.

All about the mind, my friend, and the mind is what made this book REALITY – and the book as “blase” and debase as ever!

I knew there was a reason I was staring at the pristinely clean toilet bowl after “going this morning”.

I miss Pooja Memsahibs left over “rajma” – or Kidney Beans – which of course, I cooked for her – and she did for me – enough said!

Thats just the BEGINNING of the book, hehe.

Or, one part of it …

You guys that love extreme – well – buckle in – strap up – we’re just getting STARTED, but the two books thus far will hit you with a force like you’ve NEVER felt.

Truly a force of nature like NONE OTHER!

Get this now.


Mike Watson

PS – Oopsy! almost forgot to put in my reply to Mauricio. How could I NOT share with y’all, truly my “family in femdom” hehe.

He asked me this first –

Please let me know if that is useful to you or if you want us to try another one. Best wishes to you and your family!

Hi Mauricio

Thanks for the reply!!

Yes, that works – honest, and straight from the “heart” – and most of all, so damn true!

REAL FEMDOM is ALWAYS about the mind, as is BDSM too! Sex in general is, which it’s sad a lot of people dont understand that, preferring to focus mostly on the physical, and never the mental – the latter is really what “opens up” – pun intended – SO MANY possibilities!

So yes, this review sure works!


The rest is not applicable here.

But what IS applicable is this great book, like so many others is currently being translated into Spanish, and if y’all want the language links, let me know – they are not on this site – but I’l send ’em over for anyone interested!

And, that is that for now…

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