Our dishwasher just stopped working, and there’s never been a SEXIER TIME for me!

Sissies, does she allow you to use the dishwasher?


Mine does …

But, I recall an old ex girlfriend once complaining about her job as a part time maid, and how “the house would purposely leave food stuck to their plates for days for her to scrape off, or what not”.

I can understand.

My S.O. does that all the time too!

Sinks piled up, dirty dishes, laundry never folded, the wash never done, not lifting a FINGER around the house (more than she has to) … she is truly a fetishist’s DREAM come true!


I was once told by my fitness friend that “Bozo Schofield” and her would make a perfect pair – not a couple, a pair.

She’d apply the whip liberally…

Except, problem is, with Bozo running after her ass, it wouldn’t work out too good.

End of the day, she would never even entertain the thought of a BOzo like that serving her, now a real man serving her, now THAT’s the turn on – and thats what (in part) is another very important KEY to attracting femdom in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” and “16 INcredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations“.

Which most people ignore …

Footmat has something to do with it, and not necessarily your face being one for her.


What do I mean?

Read, and you’ll find out ..

But anyway, this was supposed to be a less than verbose post, one where the picture truly speaketh a thousand words!

So, here it is – scrubbing included!

And, well, … after seeing that, I’m off to – do guess what.



Not the laundry the Bozo so covets, but thats piled up for me on a rainy day too …

And for you, well, no better purchase to make now than the three linked above.

So do so – write back – and review – and I’ll give you a 10% off your next purchase just for the review!

On that note, SOMEONE – we dont know who, but SOMEONE has been leaving some great 5 star reviews on our erotica novels all over the Internet.

This is great, much appreciated, we love ’em – keep ’em coming … BUT(T, hehe) one more thing.

Please do let me know WHO you are, and I’ll have a 20% discount specially done up for YOU!

And that, friend, is that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Dont even get me started on the time our washing machine failed a few years back, there I was, in the winter, wringing clothes by hand out of the machine “bucket” we were using as a regular bucket in the backyard …

My oh my!

FETISH EL SUPREMO, now thats another reason why yours truly is truly the real Macca (Mc Coy) of Femdom, and why y’all should get the stuff I’m telling you to, because it’s all from the heart, practical, and will attract dominant women to you like WHITE on rice, hehe.

PS #2 – Since we’re doing pics, here’s my SO! SO CASUAL, INSOUCIANT, and so … I dont know, the “I dont care, you do it, BOY!” vibe…

PAYE LAGU, MADAM JI!!!!!!!!!You’re such a perfect Queen and GODDESS!

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