“Dicks are just like pinatas. One good blow, and they spill their contents! “

Oh boy!

I couldn’t stop but laugh when I saw this meme being shared on the Internet this morning by a friend on his private group . . . (that I’m a MEMBER of).

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And on to the meme, it’s self explanatory ain’t it?

Especially for you cucks and sissies out there who are probably leaking as you read this!

I know for a fact that I’ve conditioned myself to not just cum on command from nipple play – but the mere THOUGHT of a finger – or more? – up my ass and hitting the P spot is often enough to make me hard, and orgasm!

Sissygasm I should say.

As I sit here and write to you, it’s happening right now. Hehe. Especially as I think about being “underfoot’ under the lovely pair of SOLES you see on this page (guess who they belong to!)

And as I think of Princess Joanie cuckolding me . . .

And as I . . . but you get my drift!

And truth be told, even if you aren’t a cuck, chances are you BLOW your load (no pun intended) way too quickly, my friend, even when having regular sex.

Of course, if you’re a true sissy you probably can’t have regular sex at all, either by choice or not, and that’s how it should be! ?

But ether way, it’s about her satisfaction, boy, and if you’re married, can you blame your wife for talking to that handsome, manly HUNK out there (with probably a dick way longer and BETTER and SEXIER than YOURS)?

I know I wouldn’t blame Madam Venus for doing so, for one! ?

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And in any case as a cuck, you know your cock wasn’t meant to be satisfied or sucked.

It was meant to be locked up, as you on your knees satisfy a SUPERIOR MAN with a BIG COCK – that knows how to use it – and doesn’t blow at the first suck.

Or, the first nipple tug.

Or, the tongue so lovingly servicing his ass crack!

No – he enjoys it as he should – he laughs sneeringly at YOU – the CUCK and proceeds to the pleasure your Mistress as she deserves to be, my friend – and that’s why he’s there, of course! Hehe.

We come right back to the same thing, then . . .

IT’s always about her, and don’t you ever forget it – BOY!


Mike Watson

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