Why Madam should never show her FACE unless she wants to, or it benefits – HER!


I was talking to a lady “Luna” one day … I think a few months ago.

And, our conversation went great!

Madam (a good 10 years OLDER than me, and so lovely and dominating!) peppered me with questions about money and my life, and was cagey about answering – about her own life.


And, she had no profile picture – well, she had one, but a side shot, but that was OK!

I added her anyway – or she did, I believe, can’t remember.

And I kept chatting with her, she was so dominant, you could feel it!

She could drink more than me, and she enjoyed bright nailpolish!

And, to me, my head was spinning.

Older lady, not “traditionally” beautiful I felt, and skin droopy etc (by her own admission).

Did any of this matter?

NOT an iota!

Maam and my interaction ended rather “abruptly ” when I unknowingly violated one of the cardinal rules – and affirmations – on true femdom.

That being, YOU should answer all questions, and you better, boy!

But she never has to!

And she never has to show her face either!

NO, to me, it’s not about the “suspense” of “maybe she’s beautiful”.

If she was, she would show it and loot more men. Hehe.

To me, it’s about her knowing she’s sexy anyway, and her UNDERSTANDING the submissive pysche, and trust me, women traditionally not known as “pretty” or in shape or any other rubbish?

They’re even more dominant and bitchier, SUBMISSIVE HEAVEN!

“It’s new for me”, so said Madam Dani. 

Not femdom – well, that is too. Hehe.

But, I was offering to change her pads – Madam doesnt use tampons – during heavy flow.

“I’m glad you dont find it disgusting”, she said.



First off, I wrote about this before – normal bodily function – and second, it’s an icky task for MAdam, one of the most personal and intimate, after condom cleanup, or perhaps even more!

What could be MORE satisfying to a REAL femdom lover, cuck?

Trust me on this one!

And remember, before pestering her for photos – she never has to show her FACE!

If she wants, she will… Hehe.

Trust me on this one – as a certain “Helen” just did – after weeks of chatting with her.

She also called pale skin “looks like worms” (parasitic ones), and I responded with “Madam should crush them under her feet – men, of course!” – and she said that was icky.

It is.

Us men – sissies – are so icky!

And we cum all the time with buttplugs in our ass!

Sissygasm Central for those that want to enjoy constant bliss – even while you’re sitting on a chair.

Trust me, your prostrate will soon become so sensitive you’ll be able to control it with your mind – and of course, nipples too!

And that, friend, is that.

I feel a rush of lust as I think dirty soles.


I’m out – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Just so y’all know, I wasn’t wrong with Luna i.e. our misunderstanding. But, she’s always right, I’d kiss her feet publicly and bow down, and wait for her slaps – and say SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT, while kissing each toe, and mean it, because she always IS! (even if she’s unreasonable, I’d thank her for it and…

PAYE LAGU, Madam LUNA … JI! Thank you for being an older dominant GODDESS!!)

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