Remembering Princess Joanie…

As she turns 26, I think!

What a Goddess she was, and as I flash back to when I “met” her that night at 1 AM or so, maybe later, unable to sleep – my mind … and I found her!

Madam’s eyes just stood out.

Cunning, DOMINANT, piercing, most of all knowing!

She knew, I knew – before we added each other on WeChat!

She did so at 9 the next morning.

All makes perfect sense now in terms of timings – and dreams wise, this lovely lass with her friends often showed up, such was the impact she once had on me!

She was giggling at me outside the bar, and pointing at me in a dream, giving what happened in real life when I finally met her – both apt – so sage – and prophetic!

There are few women that have ensnared me SO EXPERTLY as Princess Joanie did!

I have to say other than Princess Sherry that LOOTED me – so expertly – and of course, Pearl, but that was consensual, there are few others that have done fin dom and humiliation as well as Joanie.

Those never ending THICK, STRONG legs – my balls remember ’em!


That cunning, demeaning demanor cloaked in a veil of “lovely young girl” … she was anything but! Hehe.

The devil-ess incarante, maybe thats why I once saw a gecko appear when I was spending money I DID NOT HAVE – on her!

Madam Andy had this effect on me, but nowhere near what Joanie did.

With Joanie, she made me – and this is detailed in the book -literally play “Russian Roulette” with her! (that came in a dream the night before, hehe).

And so ensnared by her wiles was I, and hey, I did it – no excuses – that I literally lost money gambling – something Inever do!

Her feet!

“Madam, you have the most beautiful feet in Southern China!”

Coming from me, thats something – most wouldn’t even notice her feet.

But her mind – and her feet – and it’s not even the sole I remember most, though I love that fat broad sole SO MUCH – it’s the toes!

Always perfectly painted, feet pedicured, toes gleaming RED … 

The sign of LUST, danger, the forbidden … HER!


Princess on vacation is what you see on the cover of Humiliation Central.

Curiously, the book on her?

The girl on the cover is not Joanie.

But, Humiliation Central and Cuck Central -its her!

And, a couple of my other “interracial femdom compilations too” …

Paye Lagu is all I can say as I think of Madam, and I wish her well!

Paye Lagu, Princess Joanie.

You were – are – the best!


Mike Watson

PS – Madam, I should kiss your feet 100 times, 10 times for each toe!

And I did it too, as you’ll see in the book!

(Volume 2 on the way!)

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