Why I miss perfect Princess Sherry SO MUCH!

I’ve written about her.

The lady, the PRIME, superior GODDESS that entranced me via VIBE and that alone – and the way she talked to me, uber confident and sort of “looking down upon me” (as well as had the right degree of PRACTICALITY and PROFESSONALISM) … that is the heroine, and rightfully so of Submissive Musings in mainland China – Volume #2!

I really should re-label it findom musing, as all three volumes center on many things, but the primary focus is always MONEY!


Pearl in the first edition.

Perfect Sherry in the second, and another lovely older lady whose soles (i didnt even see her FACE!) took me for a loop the MINUTE I spoke to her.

And of course, the compilation. The Goddess on the cover – I could write tomes on her, and she probably deserves a book too!

But anyway, Sherry.

Perfect Goddess Sherry.

She cheated me. (she shouldn’t have, but … )

And she left me with a feeling of wanting more, oddly enough!

Maybe because I know she liked me. I doubt she would have sent me all those pictures otherwise.

Yes, I know.

IT could be a man for all I know.

But it wasn’t!

I Could FEEL IT!

And as Cicy, a mutual contact remarked (and I did NOT believe her at the time) – “is she beautiful”?

Cicy didnt really know a lot about my submissive tendencies (well, she did – reference the post on perfect Madam Angela – or was it … well, I forget! But I’m sure I’ll remember soon!) …. and what she did know, she didnt think much of it.

I can’t remember her name. Damn!

But she was a Goddess for sure, and I’ll find her name on the blog! It’s been so long …

(She actually had a picture of man with a dog leash tied around her neck on her WORK WECHAT!)

(Need any further proof that Chinese girls from the mainland are the most sexy and dominant ever???)

And anyway, …. ah, Andrea!

Perfect Madam Andrea!

And Cicy might have thought Sherry was young and beautiful too.

And so I got conned, but yours truly doesnt get conned by young and beautiful.


“I dont like her face”, said Cicy upon looking at her, but even while I was angry and upset, Sherry’s face turned me on!

It wasn’t so much the 3000 RMB she stole from me (and others too).

IT was HER.

And I miss HER.

And, my only regret?

Biz wise, that she didnt return my money (if she had, Id have begged her to take it back! ;))

(Or bought shoes for her, or something!)

And otherwise, that I didnt (after the initial disagremeent, and when she said “you should not be stressing me out, boy!”) – apologize.

Kiss her feet.

Do what she asked.

And beg her to loot me more!

She would probably be a better findomina than Pearl, and would probably humiliate me more than anyone ever has!

And thats why I miss her.

Paye Lagu, Princess Sherry. I’ll always be nothign but the dust under your feet!


Mike Watson

PS – I think about you every time I pass a bakery!

PS #2 – I said the lady that humiliates me more than anyone , but I should have said, other than Princess Joanie!

PPS – Here is a NOVEL dedicated to that lovely lady (actually, it’s all TRUE, hehe) . And here is Humiliation Central, straight from the horse’s mouth. Be warned – extreme humiliation and then some!! 😉

PPS #2 – In fact, I think I’ll keep the next sale from Submissive Musings – Compilation, and beg Sherry to take it – if she ever contacts me again! What a GODDESS! 😉

“I have nothing to talk to you, boy!”

“Thank you, Goddess! You’re so superior, so bratty (with clients) and so PERFECT! Pleas eloot me MORE!”

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