More on perfet Madam Sophia!

“You are so dominating, Sophia, and so lovely and rude. Its what I loved about you the first – and I still do. THANK YOU, Madam!” 

And that was the message I sent …. hehe, after the last email.

She’s exhausted.

“After four hours mountain climbing, I’m energetically exhausted and my kids, still playing in the center!” 

Kids, hehe. 


Madam, not so much … as I told her.

But she has enough energy, of course to order me around!

“Go make me a sandwich, boy!!”

Anyway, the Universe is listening.

My current SO – in her GRANNY pajamas – is lying on the bed, as usual in a foul mood (bored, low energy etc) – and she’s calling out from the other room in the rudest manner, while eyes are glued to her soap opera.

In any other setting, most guys would up and LEAVE.

Thats just plain rude, I HATE people yelling at me from the other room – unless, of course, it’s MAdam’s doing it!

Makes me FURIOUS.

And anyway … much like the slap to the back of the head which always makes me furious (as a kid I was bullied a lot as I’m sure a lot of you were) – it’s such a turn on when Madam does it!

I went, I requested Madam not to call out like that – or did I?

Nah, I didnt.

Even if I had, she wouldn’t care.

She does it, because it’s rude.

And SHE, friend, is on the outlook for a new cuck to serve her, and he better be QUALIFIED!

Step numero uno in this involves buying a membership to the Watson Faithful ie. he cant be a cheapass.

Step #2?

Like Empress Cody made me do, she’ll make me vet ’em!

And #3, well, I’ll let you know after you pass those first two tests.

PRecious few chosen warriors pass the BUDS test for the Seals, my friend.

And passing Madams test?

PRobably even tougher, hehe.

So, I’ll leave y’all to it!

Best ,

Mike Watson

PS – Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

PS #2

“I;m so exhausted!”

Was what Sophia replied.

I know, MAdam.

“I should cook for you, and wash your feet.

Your dishes too, but your kids do ’em” I giggled.

And they do, hehe. They press her legs too!

(I have proof. Hehe)

We all do ’em together, for them it’s a game, for me … well, we KNOW!


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