My one time tutor’s foot massage as he relaxed there, lying comfortably, legs spread wide open!

Its interesting, my friend.

All the man on man stuff I occasionally talk about – heck, I even wrote a book on sissygasms (though thats so much more than man on man) – and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, which looks very set to replace “15 ways to give him a ruined orgasm and have him SALIVATING for more!” as the current bestseller here very soon!

Maybe it had an origin. Hehe. Other than femdom.

Femdom wise, of course, I’ve spoken about my Nazi feminist Mom (which I dont agree with – never have) – cuckolded Dad (literally – though not sexually) and more …

I’ve spoken about servants in India, where I grew up (well, a lot of my childhood at least).

I’ve mentioned a lot of these sizzling HOT recollections in “16 Indian Femdom Recollections” – a must grab for those interested in juicy tidbit, or details that will turn you on more than anything else has, (yes, including trolling the internet or Twitter or what not) …

And more than just looking at women on Twitter. Hehe.

Trust me, repetition is key.

Repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations leads to belief, and once that belief becomes a deep seated conviction, things begin to happen!

Not mine, the great seer (yours truly is often called that, but Claude was underrated, and one of the best!) Claude Bristol in the Magic of Believing, and he was right. Spot on!

And if you read these recollectons, keep repeating them to yourself, keep thinking about it, getting turned on, guess what.

It’ll do FAR more to attract femdom to YOU in real life – than anything else ever would!

But anyway, one of the recollections not mentioned therein is a tutor yours truly had in ninth grade or something, a big fat dude.

And a lot of the stuff I write about – lots that ms Priyanka made me do?

It came from him – from seeing it done right infront of me!

He had a servant – a teenage boy.

Yes, I know.

Unfortunate, but true, this childhood labor exists until this day in India and no-one really gives a rip – and back then, it was probably even worse.

But he’d often be lying on his bed as we studied, and he’d command the poor servant around like he was nothing.

“Per Daba De!” 

Press my legs!

And he’d be lying there, legs spread wide open, NOTHIGN sexual about it, and the servant would press his feet while sitting at the bottom of the bed.

“Tere ko jaise bola hai, waise Daba!” 

Sound familiar, Indian Goddess readers??

I bet it does!

It came from him! i.e. press like I told you, boy!

His father was a servant there too, and he used to squat down in the most obesquious manner possible while pressing the “teacher” soles.

“Koi ajkal seva nahi karta”, I remember the tutor saying

Noone serves us anymore like we deserve to be!

Well, his servants did!

At least the boy didnt squat in that position. And he got free classes too.

But still …

I remember feeling uncomfortable, awkward.

Western mindset, perhaps? I dont know!

Maybe yours truly was born a global citizen!

But there is a reason fetish and sexuality aren’t talked about in India, yet, HUGE numbers of people there are very interested in it (though there’s tons of cheapasses there too who are serial refunders and freebie seekers – that I will admit!).

But there’s real femdom lovers too …

And anyway – thats part of what I mentioned in the Indian Goddess series.

In India, and if you’ve read the book the White Tiger, or the movie starring Priyanka Chopra (the book was better, as they always are!) – – you’ll see how servants in India till this date are debased and humiliated and treated like vermin or less.

Chattel or less.

Yes, that turns you on.

I know!

But remember – to actually BE a servant is quite another thing from wanking off to it (curiously enough the people in the latter category are anything but “Servants” in real life).

And done relationship wise, it’s different – totally so.

I find the practice in India and the subcontinent abhorrent. No-one cares though, so oh well …

As a customer recently told me “You’re just one man, you can’t change anything!” 

well, maybe I cant


But I can be the best sissy for her – and teach YOU how to do so too!

I can also tell you that THIS is how females in INdia dominated ME – there is a reason I use the words BLASE and DEBASE for Pooja Memsahib … JI!

And why the Garima Madam and Indian Goddess series are so intense!

OK, enough for now.

To check out some sizzling Indian femdom that will leav eyou like toast, hehe – go to the links above.

I’ll see YOU soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Saw this …

With regard to a massage chair a lady was promoting.

The first container of massage chair MS131 has completed!
Full black color, very nice ?

Yes, perfect Madam Amy!! And YOU would be the best person to test it out! You know ….! 

I wasn’t quite that “blase” but I did post a version of the comment there – openly!

Be comfortable with who you are, fellas and ladies.

It’s one of the keys I talk about so often …

OK, enough. I’ll be back!

Edit – an year or so later, well, 11 or so months later, I gotta say – no, I didnt wonder how big or how nice his dong was! Just his broad soles as he lay there relaxing, COMMANDING, so superior, the servant so DOCILE AND SUBMISSIVe, OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS #2 – Years, later … I dont know about his dong, but I do remember he’d sit in a chair and ( just wrote about this on another site) – command the servant.

“Sir Daba!” 



He’d BARK the commands out randomly while the poor servant kept massaging, first the shoulders, then a sudden squat to the thighs, then the arms, on command, true slave.

SUCH A dominating streak, eh…

Id probably suck him too if he asked, those HAIRY PUBES, that thick Indian DONG! OH MY!

He’d make a GREAT Master too..

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