My thoughts on men with micro penises, and more!

I never woulda thunk it my friend.

But this morning, while looking at pictures of (and laughing at, hehe) pictures of micro dongs, and other dicklets – I gotta tell you, some of those things aren’t fit to be called cocks.

Stublets, more like it – so we can remove the word dick in dicklet!

But as I laughed, as I saw, I did something I do so often!

Remember, you can only be a good top if you know your bottom’s feelings well! (I dont mean your own ass if you’re micro penis Glyn Schofield, hehe).

(currently on welfare in Birmingham badgering women up and down about feet and what not, and “Madam can I be your servant”).

But you’ve got to be on BOTH sides to truly experience and truly provide the experience.

Any decent sub or Domme (or dom) will tell you this.

In fact, you’d be shocked to know a lot of highly succesful Dominas started out as submissive, before deciding they were happier being Dominant.

And better, because they KNEW what turned subs on!

Anyway, so I put myself in these guy’s positions.

What would Mike do with his tiny cock?

Mine is not tiny.

“Why I Can’t see the head, boy!”

“Why don’t you get cut so you can have better sex!”

“You dont know anything about sex!”

The last coming from a virgin who thought there was only one way to do it, and that phimotic cocks couldn’t be treated naturally as other cocks and couldn’t “give her the same pleasure”.


Yes, some positions are painful for me, but not all by far.

With me, the issue has always been “I dont WANT To have sex”, not that I cannot physically.

All about the mind!

Anyway, Carol loved my phimotic penis!

So did many other girls I’ve been with, a penis where even I’ve never seen the head myself, and probably never ever will!

I’ll pass on without seeing my own cockhead. Hehe. How many of you guys can RELATE to this?

Lots, I bet!

And it tells you – again – all about the MIND. And whats considered “traditionally” attractive, often isnt, and …

But now, guys with micro penises – I couldn’t for the life of me imagine that anyone would find ’em attractive.

But some probably do!

Not to mention it’s physically IMPOSSIBLE to have sex with some of those things, and yet, here’s the kicker –

Despite all the hoo haa about giant black dongs and what not, some of these guys aren’t the pathetic sniveling wimps you might imagine they are – especially externally.

Yours truly, for one!

You’d never imagine I was submissive if you knew me in real life.

Except for the girls, hehe. It transmutes, that vibe (and thats the secret – I’ve given it away right there!).

But plenty of guys forget that women like things other than dongs.

IN fact, the dong isn’t the first thing on her mind when she speaks to you, boy!

Physically, strong and muscular without it being too much. Nice abs. Nice ass. And so forth.

Mentally, INTERESTING – the most important part!

And financially – of course!

Ever wonder how yours truly has so much success with women without even wanting to have sex most of the time?

“Honey, she’s always going to want it if she loves you!”

Well, they all have.

But not all have reacted the same way.

More to the point, my phimotic and admittedly thick dong hasn’t lessened my chances at all of anyting in bed.

Women could care less beyond the “why I can’t see your head boy!” part.

Remember, even Ashley got on me and was so horny she couldn’t sleep all night. Hehe.

Pity cowgirl caused an instant limpie, and her nipples flicks – well, I could go all night with that!

It’s truly, my friend all about the mind.

So the next time you see a micro penis on Twitter, remember one thing.

SOME guys are embarassed by it, have anger issues etc related to it – but the same could be said of anyone for any issue, well endowed or NOT.

The successful ones find a way around what they cannot control, and go on to achieve anyway!

Yours truly being a very classic example at this.

Can’t keep a good man down, hehe, unless it’s his sissy cock! LOL.

And I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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