How DARE you ask who I am, boy!

Oh .. boy! What a GODDESS she is!

What Goddesses they all are!

So, a lady added me out of the blue – yet again, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise whatsoever if you’ve been on this list for any length of time!

But funny part, it wasn’t on WeChat this time – it was on LinkedIn.

Three ladies added me, actually.

One about some sort of writing gig (she was asking if I was interested). Her name is Seven too!

I dont know if she’s as deliciously dominant as Madam 7, but maybe she is!

Second is the lady I’m referring to. A business owner from Fujian, and out of the blue she added me and gave me her contact info.

And said “Hi, I’m Tracy. Whats your wechat?”

And the way in which she asked made me feel (or it was supposed to make me feel, at any rate) that a) we knew each other forever, and b) i better give it to her or else!

(She wants business, of course! Money! Money is the most important, boy!:)

And she is right.

I asked her who she was. Thats all. IN a meek manner …

Her response!

“It’s ME!”

Thats all she said.

But theWAY in which she said spoke tomes.

“IT’s me, boy!”

“How dare you have the TEMERITY to ask me who I am! BOY!”

“I asked for your wechat, so you better give it to me!”

And I said something to that effect to her as well.

“How dare I ask you, Madam!”

And, I gave her my wechat.

Third lady was also some sort of cargo supplier or something. I dont know.

But the point begets.

IF Madam takes the time to add you, as so many do ME, how dare I ask who they are … boy!

And I can already feel the slaps.

Chinese ladies are so uber dominant, and I love them for it!


Mike Watson

PS – One of the cardinal rules of femdom is she NEVER needs to answer anything, but you do! And the sooner you get that, the better off YOUR life will be! 😉

PS #2 – Here is where you can pick up the DEFINITIVE course on attracting female dominance to you in all its shapes, forms and guises – A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland.

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