The small dickie humiliation movement has become VIRAL in South Korea!


Although fetish, my friend was the last thing these lovely ladies likely had on their mind while starting the movement.

Anyway, it’s about that infamous gesture – one of two.

Korean women (Asian women are so naturally DOMINANT, and the Chinese are the most, I’ll tell you why below, well, I’ve already told you many times – but the Korean and Japanese and Vietnames gals give them STIFF – pun intended! competition. hehe) making the “pinch” sign with their thumbs and forefingers to refer to their men’s tiny wangs  – 6.8 cm or something the article said. Hehe.

Google it, you’ll see! – here’s one link.

Apparently this is a response to the men’s rights movements, which came about as a result of the #metoo movement.

Now, I’m not going to get into goose and gander in real life, and my thoughts on all this. From a vanilla standpoint, at least.

I’ll stick to fetish here!

But I WILL tell you, to get to the level where fetish and femdom are intertwined along with your normal life – you gotta be NORMAL to begin with.

Men should be real men, and women should be real woman.

It’s that simple, my friend.

Both need to understand each other.

Both need to perform their natural roles, or whatever both decide is right for them, but in case you’ve wondered why so many Dominas despite stomping on balls, humiliating men, and fucking up the ass and so forth are the most intensely CARING people ever – and how so many so called cucks and wimps are actually fierce warriors in real life – well – worry no more.

I mention this in the book on attracting femdom to you NATURALLY. 

Willy nilly, like moths to a flame.

And it’s right there in one of the tips, and THAT encapsulates my thoughts on all this not to mention that the “plague from China” seems to have brought about what was due for a long, long time i.e. a natural cleansing of the world.

Things need to get back to normal, whether or not the way the Universe decided to do is right or wrong – well – us mere mortals cannot comment on that!

But anyway, fetish wise …

Madam, yes! 

Would be what I’d reply to a horde of women giggling and humiliating me with that gesture.

Or, the other gesture I love so much.

Thumb and forefinger again, except rubbing against each other, not pinch gripping. Hehe (the latter, by the way is a great way to get a ruined orgasm, sissy!).

Madam, yes, you’re so right!

Anyway, non fetish wise – or fetish wise, you decide, and this will be in the book on Madam Joyce – the ULTIMATE QUEEN (she was!) whenever that comes out.

Pun intended, and then again maybe not.

So much to do in the works!

The rental agent (remember Madam Carrie? Well, Madam Juju was of the same mould, except slim and lissome!) was supposed to get me a home.

Madam Joyce shows up, yes, and I’ve written about that before here, but as for the rental agent, Juju?

She deputes the job to her cuckold boyfriend – from Korea.

He gets paid 10x what he does at his regular job, and yet he’s working for her at this job too!

And he told me once about a story where he sent her some money to be used for a vacation, she ended up sending it back home to her parents without asking him, and when he mildly asked?

She flew into a rage, as if it was her Godd(ess) given right to spend his money and do what she liked with it without asking him!

Remember, this was real life.

And yes, it’ll be in the book!

(My books, as Daniela so rightly said are all real life mixed in with a TOUCH of creative license, not the other way around. Hehe).

But really ..

How dare he!

Thats what #findom in real life is all about, boy! 

Taking his money, making him work for her, slave for her, and him being a cuckold! 

So true, Madam. So true!

And if a horde of women did that to me?

Women like on the cover of 15 odes to perfect Madam Susan?

I’d sissy cum in my pants just them talking to me.

I often did when Princess Joanie for one issued that imperious command.

“Then buy me a dress!” 

Thats all it took.

I’d start spurting loads in my pants!

So pathetic, hehe. The Korean girls in the feminist movements woudl love it.

IF anyone knows any woman there – do pass this one. I’d love for them to laugh at me too! Hehe.

I’d even kiss their feet publicly as I did with Joanie …

But anyway, back to findom.

Princess Joanie and Madam Pearl were NATURALS at it, and even all you findominas out there (and especially finsubs) have a LOT to learn from there.

Go right HERE to start.


Mike Watson

PS : A friend of mine once gave me the Dickie Doo award, where your belly is bigger than your dick and some nonsense, and … well, he’s so right. Hehe. I sucked his dick too, in that motel room I’ve mentioned so often!

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