Two girls, nipplegasms, and more…

I still remember Madam Venus – her of the “I like MAN, but I like MONEY MORE!” – telling me very haughtily (while she wanted to go to bed with me) – “I wont DO THAT!”

That was … well, sucking dick. Hehe.

She wouldn’t do it, no matter what – those lovely lips would NOT touch not just mine – but ANY DICK!

Of course, thats what a good sissy is there for. Hehe. When your woman won’t suck your dick – you call the sissy!

But anyway – she did a lot else, and other than feet – which her feet were so small, lovely and beautiful – she did all I wanted done on my nipples!

I still remember her furiously squeezing my man tits as I came, giggling “bigger than me!”

It wasn’t humiliating, but I loved the way she said it, and it made me cum – EVEN MORE!

I taught her some of the techniques I teach YOU in Nipplegasm Central – although as I’ve mentioned in Sin City Diaries, I probably didnt need to – Chinese girls are NATURALS at nipple play – those fingers show up on nipples like they were MEANT To!

Read about Liao and the rest of the women mentioned in the Diaries, you’ll understand exactly what I mean, and the sheer LUST I refer to in terms of nipple play done right.

Anyway …

Waking up, I often have thoughts of a porn movie I once saw – a tall black African teacher teaching three Chinese ladies English, two sitting by his side, one kneeling (not obsequiously though) … .

And of course, it finished with the two girls on his nipples, and one on his DICK – and they all took turns riding that long cock!

My, for some one that has been a teacher, and has experienced exactly this – what a RUSH!

Believe me, the only thing missing there – and what I’ve had done – is along with nipples, a FINGER up my butt, and more attention to the balls – truly it feels SO EROTIC, SO BLISSFUL – I’m shaking and shuddering, shivering with lust as I remember the memories and write about it!

Even if you dont incorporate ass/ball play into your routine which you really should! – the nipple play alone is enough to send you into a world of erotic pleasure from which you will NEVER want to retreat – trust me on this one.

Nipples ADAPT.

Therefore, the more you do with them, the more pleasure you get incrementally which is more bang for your buck as it were!

I dont recommend squeezing the titties unless you do it as humiliation. Hehe. It can be that, to be honest, them man tits jiggling – the Diaries mentions it!

Humiliation Central also gives you a LOT more ways to do it … Princess Joanie’s there on the cover.

And thats that, my friend.

Two girls sucking your nipples as you wake up, or YOU incorporating the techniques yourself as you do.

NOTHING “beats” it. No pun intended!

Get the above books NOW – and start DOING my friend. You’ll never regret it!


Mike Watson

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