My ideal partner’s “name” …

The things they think of these days. I thought “sex dolls” were the ultimate in terms of technology replacing humans in that regard, but hey – we have AI chat bots now!

Replete with fetish like pics, now this caught my attentions scrolling past the usual BS on social media, so I installed the app for “giggles”.

And with all the other routine questions it asked, it asked me what my ideal name for my ideal partner would be.

Madam, I replied.


I thought for nary a second, then chose 24.

dont ask why – hehe.

Our first choices are always the best every time – and the right ones, if you trust your gut which you should.

And while the app itself gives all the predictable answers, I thought I’d share it with you – again – for “grins”

Remember one thing, my friend.

All these apps are out to take your MONEY.

And they never replace a human. Not even close. The more you try ’em, the more your brain FRIES, the more you use sex dolls, the less you can have actual sexual relations with a human being!

If you had a choice, which would you choose – and want?

Chances are if you DOWNLOADED such apps, or even use the sex dolls etc “on your lonesome”, then you want a real human being, my friend, but you – for whatever reason CANNOT get that.

And therefore, you settle for what will never be a comparable alternative, although it tries … (those pics – my!).

Isn’t it far better to have a true findom take your money – and THINK far better, therefore turn you on far better than an AI bot?

It’s obviously physically far better to have a REAL woman pinch and flick your nipples – rather than a bot saying so. It’s better if a woman says it as well, you can never replace the real deal.

Much like you cannot replace Mike Watson when it comes to fetish my friend – and you cannot replicate a human being with AI, much like you cannot replicate the stunning RESULTS you’ll get fetish wise when you use our products.

Grab the bestselling book on attracting femdom – a real human, hehe – to you NOW, my friend. Ditch the apps etc, do what works, and is real.

Remember the affirmations too!

And thats that.


Mike Watson

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