Why I so love my phimotic “sick dick” and never got circumsized, or even tried to “pull it back”!

I dont know why it turned out that way. I always remember my mom telling me when I Was a kid “pull it back and wash!”

Yes, the Nazi feminist mother!

But anyway . . . the calls to “unsheath” my weapon have been legion.

From the girlfriend who “wanted me to go counseling” for my fetishes (I never did!) – to significant others down the line who pushed me to see various doctors etc both for the fetish as well as for the sick dick – and of course, perfect Madam Ashley “why I can’t see the head, boy!” (she was a nurse, you’d think she’s KNOW!) – perfect Madam Pearl “honey, you should get circumsized!” – to ladies that absolutely loved the elephant snout and couldn’t get enough of it, Carol would even stick her tongue in! ….

The calls have been legion to “unsheath” my long and thick tool (no, all cucks don’t have small dicks – I get tired of busting that myth).

Oh, I forgot to say.

If Madam Sophia – who I wrote about in the last email was here now?

“Madam, please bust my balls once hard!” 

Madam, please kick me in the balls!

I’d just ask her to do it because …

“Madam, you know why!” 

Cuck balls are there to be busted!

And thats why I put out Ballbusting 101, truly the best of its kind in that regard.

But back to sick dicks.

I’ve NEVER seen my cock head.

I’ve often been curious about it.

But, I’ve resisted calls for circumcision – I’d never want one.

For one, I think my penis is way more sensitive even when compared to regular uncircumcized cocks.

I loved Jerome’s black wang so much!

The sheath hung around his dick loosely, he had low hanging fruit I LOVED to suck on (he loved it too!) and he had the “densest” asshole ever if they makes sense, the musk, I loved it!

I loved the space UNDER HIS BALLS too!

Everywhere, really, right down to the African American pubes which of course got in my nose, and mouth – I swallowed one too in lust one day and Madam and him – how they laughed at me, “crunching it down!” 

(Just like Madam Krystal and eating her toenails …)

But anyway, is there any limit to which the true femdom lover WILL GO – I think not!

That SOLE – that COCK!


That vibe, the look in the EYES, boy!

Again, back to my sick dick. It hurts when having sex in some positions yes.

Some have told me “I’m missing out”.

Am I?

I dont think so!

For one it doesn’t hurt in all positions.

For two, it’s only enhanced my submissive side and my BRAIN – and perhaps thats one reason I love cocks and balls so much!

Both the cut ones – I love ’em!

And the uncut ones – often times, I’d sniff Jerome’s foreskin for hours after he came back from the gym!

As for my uncut, phimotic penis, it doesnt deserve sex anyway, hehe.

My balls – well, we all know!

My ass?

Currently I’ve got a pink key hanging out of it – it’s a version of the electric vibrator (remote controlled) that Madam Pearl often used on me, causing me to fork over WAY more money than I should!

And that pink key ?

Madam can turn it, and it hits the P spot differently – what BLISS!

Sissies should always have their butt plugs IN – do YOU? 

I know I do!

And my cock, my phimotic cock.

I dont think I’ll ever get it circumsized – I’m happy worshipping other cocks – and telling YOU how to do it!


Mike Watson

PS – Best course on cock worship right HERE.

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