M for …

I just spoke (emailed) a lady (I think) for some work.

And she signed her name off with her first name “…well, I’ll keep it private for now!” – and “M”.

It didnt strike me as anything unusual, of course.

I often sign my name as MW!

Or, sometimes “RM” Hehe.

(for those in the know).

But then it hit me … and I posted on Twitter, then I wondered if to post here, then I figured why not!

After all, these random musings are what people love, and what people get TURNED on by!

And M …

Could be “Vadana Ma’am” – whose actual last name started with M!

Or, Ms …

or, M for …

Malkin …


Master, Mistress

Memsahib … JI!

Mem (I think it’s a short form of the above word, I heard it before, means the same thing!)

Mut (cum in Hindi, I believe)


And so many!

The letter M, indeed so nice. Hehe.

I believe it’s also the 13th letter in the alphabet, certainly a lucky one for ME!.

There’s that M again!

Anyway, I dont know, this post just reminds me of a gorgeous – drop dead Madam Megha who posted pictures of her LOVELY soles on Twitter!

And they’re so nice, I could simp to them all day.

And – she posted them just like a certain Madam Pearl sent to me – and we all know how much SHE turned me on – looted me – “backside plugged me” – and more!

And I loved her so M (m!)uch again for it!

M for munching on his pubes – or hers – or … Hehe.

Anyway …

Go HERE to read about Madam Pearl, truly a read you findom lovers and femdom lovers in general will LOVE and never ever forget.

And, another reminder – finding femdom, or excuses to worship, obey, serve and just in general “admire” women – you know, compliment them – even the ones you never see, and they’re all Queens and Goddesses … well, thats so easy to do!

If you’re not a Bozo, that is!

BAck soon!


Mike Watson

PS – This wouldn’t be complete without a mention of our spellbinding Indian femdom series – which you must grab NOW.

(Edit – ladies, M for MONEY! How could I forget THAT, hehe. As Venus said…“I like man and money, but money MORE!”)

She’s spot on, actually. Hehe.

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