Uber regal and the most dominant Princess Sophia, and what I’d have done differently!

Okay, so this really should be in 11 Missed Femdom Recollections!

Which is a book headlined by the lovely and regal Ashley, of course, the same lady who complained about my nasty phimotic penis – Madam wanted to tug it down to see the cock head, and she couldn’t!

Why I can’t see the HEAD, boy! 

And I can understand – cock heads are some of the best things ever to see!

And I wrote that book to tell the budding femdom lover that femdom is right there in front of you, everywhere, the signs are there, you just have to CATCH IT!

Just like with Ashley when Madam was “cleaning my house ” … so she said she wanted to do!

“You can help me, boy!”

What she meant was she would offer, and I’d do it. HEhe. Another missed sign, but I didnt write about that, but I will, but for now, this is about the regal and lovely Princess Sophia – ya’ll, the Mike Watson/Spicy and Erotic FAITHFUL know all about her my friend!

“You can never touch me, or have sex with me, boy!” 

(All the while she spoke about having sex with her husband. Hehe)

(She didnt really like him though. She wanted a Korean pop star! Those sexy Korean dudes!)

“Mike, go take the trash out!” 

“Mike, make me a sandwich!” 

and more, and that last bit – making her a sandwich as she sneered at me, calling me a cuckold …

“I treat you like this because you allow me, you fool!”


She was so dominant, and she’d never give me a blowjob.

But she’s happily kneel in front of her Korean rock stars and lick their asses if they so wanted, and she told me!

And while I played along with it, the key thing I’d have done differently, you ask?

Well, what I do with regal Madam Lucy!

I’d actively INTRODUCE men to her!

I’ve actively talk about other men. Their dicks, balls, asses, their chests, their bodies, their money, everything!

Sophia, my friend was a regal force of nature – still is.

Married, two kids, and uber dominant, and doesnt like her husband!

So while she DID dom me a lot, and still does, that was one “aspect” of it I’d like to improve upon.


We’re never an expert at anything, and we’re always learning, and the true experts at anything will tell you this too – if they tell you otherwise, beware – and run in the opposite direction.

I’m truly an expert on femdom, and yet, me?

There is ALWAYS more to learn – daily!

Always new ways to suck cock, lick ass, be humiliated, serve her, and by extension him …

Life is so much fun when we stay in learning mode!

OK, enough for now.

Oh, this isn’t the EQUALLY uber dominant Madam Sophia Bai I wrote about in the novels, this is another Sophia.

But that lady, and her cohort in arms/femdom Madam Su – the best cuckoldress ever?

You’ll want to read about them – just writing about them made my head spin through the three books (was originally intended to be one).

And my head is spinning NOW as I think Jerome’s cock HEAD.



Mike Watson

PS – More stories of real life cuckolding HERE.

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