She knows that penis SO well – and another great review for “Serving an Indian Goddess -the Sequel!”

It was supposed to be a review for “Serving an Indian Goddess – the Sequel – part one!

And it is!

But reading it, Madam Paula – you truly know PENIS well for the most part!

The second Sequel delves into cuckolding, and the first time I took black cock, two of them – i still remember how BIG Leroy was! ? – and how they stretched me out, how it hurt for ages later…

But for now, here’s the review – and for someone who wrote Penis Central (me) – I’m nodding not just one head, but both in super appreciation! Hehe.

Serving an Indian Goddess – The Sequel (REVIEW)

As Mike Watson advises us on many occasions, masturbation has unquestionable health benefits (he reminds us that ejaculating at least 21 times a month is extremely healthy according to a study): it prevents prostate cancer, reduces stress and It helps us sleep better, among many other things. But many men have a very simplistic conception of masturbation (this is where the best male masturbators come into play), perhaps inherited from when they practiced it as teenagers at their parents’ house, which meant that it necessarily had to be something quick and even a bit clandestine.

But masturbation can be a much more relaxed and pleasurable experience, it gives us sensations almost on a par with sex with another person.

In this book, Michael wants to give you some clues so that you can fully enjoy the experience.

If you read here to improve your technique, ole you. The ultimate goal of this is to get your hands trading higher in the male masturbation market, so you’re on the right lines. Watson’s intention is for you to dominate your guy’s penis or your dates (regardless of what kind of erection you have), just like you do with your penis or the gear stick in your car. As it is. So, we encourage you to pay attention and put these tricks into practice, which we hope will be very useful to you. The benefits of masturbation are many, so we can’t wait for you to start giving the subject and, most importantly, do it well.

How do we start? Well, of course, because of the deadlock. The penis itself, that is, without movement, is the first thing you should know thoroughly. Not a member of the body that goes free, although sometimes it is like that. Is much more. In fact, it has almost the same nerve endings that the clitoris can have, so starting to play with it with the same delicacy and softness with which you caress yourself is ideal.

You must take into account several parts. On the one hand, the glans (the tip). On the other, the frenulum, which is the thread that joins the glans with the foreskin. This last part is the skin that moves up and down to protect the glans which, as you can imagine, is part of the trunk, a part that should not be forgotten either.

Mike advises that you think of the girl you love and let your imagination fly with her, thinking that you are with her and love her untiringly.

And that, my friend, is a fact one cannot deny – the last line!

Love is key, romance is key, recently, I was getting Princess Sophia to watch “Deep Water – and “50 shades of grey“. In the first movie, the cuckolding intrigued her (not really, hehe) – and then she called me a weak man for liking it, and so forth, I attempted to explain what Paula did HERE – and I believe Paula is right, but she was having none of it, but that I Suspect is because how much Madam knows I prefer being called “Weak”. Hehe.

And 50 shades of grey, she didnt particularly like the spanking parts (go figure).

But she loved the ROMANCE!

They are so romantic, she kept saying…?

ANd they are initially, it led up to sex, but comunication and romance and FEELING for her are key, else it will go nowehere long term (and of course sexual compatibility, I’m not sure what happened in the movie, but I believe in the book the couple broke up due to non compatibility sexually – she liked it, but not THAT much!).

Anyway …

Watson’s intention is for you to dominate your guy’s penis or your dates (regardless of what kind of erection you have), just like you do with your penis or the gear stick in your car.


She puts it SO well! And  I love the way she describes the dong, especially the “trunk” part … ?

(she would be such a natural at ruined orgasms, hehe)

Well, my friend, that book is a one of a kind book – you’ll want to read it. And don’t miss part Two of the Sequel either – review for that coming up – soon!


Mike Watson

Ps – And, I dont know if you noticed, but Paula’s English -too cute, and she gets her point across neverthless!

No, cute doesnt mean funny as Sophia keeps saying. Try telling that to non native English speakers tho, hehe.

Paula – awesome again. Thank you, Ma’am!!

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