Those BEAUTIFUL banana dicks!

Banana cocks my friend – and cocks in general – are a thing of beauty!

Even tiny little dicklets are so cute in their own way, and of course, slave cocks to be stomped upon – and humiliated – and degraded?

So sexy, all of ’em!

But anyway, couple of blasts from the past, juice intended. HEhe.

“You have a curved dong! It hits the spot so much better!” 

So said an ex many, many years ago and Madam was SO RIGHT!

But anyway, Jerome and Su. Those two – thats the couple that cuckolded me the most – so much so that while I certainly did what Madam Susan taught me SO well i.e. talk to her soles, not her – my experience with Jerome taught me something else.

Talk to his dick and balls, boy – not him!

And I can probably recognize a lot of men I’ve been with by their COCKS.

Yes, just dicks!

If they slid those lovely wangs in through a hole in the wall, with nothing else, not even the dangling bollocks, I’d recognize them!

I’ll never forget Rueben’s lovely cut cock, Jeremy’s massive thick dong … the head always DRIPPING … the blasts he blasted that almost hit the ceiling fan that night.

“Mike’s not gay!” he was laughing … (that idiotic conundrum about are “cucks gay” – another one of those theories I DEBUNK in the book!).

(And a must get for budding cuckolds out there, my friend)

Anyway Su would often laughingly smack my balls while …. LOVING his.

That lovely red mouth on his dick, she’d make sure to look at me as if “oh, poor boy!” (remember, she wasn’t a supreme ballbustrix, she was a supreme CUCKOLDRESS – but shes bust my balls sometimes anyway, giggling) and as I knelt there groveling in pain, my eyes wouldn’t go off Jerome’s lovely black dick!

Thick, long straight – UNSHEATHED!

And she’d suck on his tool so lovingly, that massive weapon of his that when it hit me on the nose it felt like a PUNCH – cock punch!


And he’d do it quite often. Sideways. Up and down. And I’d get to know his cock head SO well, and the smell of his lovely fragrant rosebud too!

Parting those lovely strong muscular black ass cheeks was a delight!

Anyway, one important thing, dong lovers.

In all these cases, the dongs were nice and ramrod straight.

All pointing up proudly!

So are the other two categories of cocks I’m talking about today – banana dicks!

My personal favorite used to be the kind where the head points UP. Curved cock, head pointing up!

But yesterday I saw a ladyboy on Twitter with the cock head pointing … DOWN while erect!

Thats like my own phimotic cock.

And I must say, it’s so sexy (her cock!).

Those banana cocks just look more dominant because of the way the cock head is curved, points up and down, in both cases, looking “down” at the fervent worshipper underneath it!

And they hit the spot so much better – in many ways – I know this!

Sissies LOVE curved cocks taking them!

And so do real women!

Cocks, cocks, cocks.

Cocks and feet, boy!

We … KNOW!

I can almost hear Madam Su sneer at me.

She was – is – so perfect!

OK – two last things.

If you love cocks and cuckolding – Cuckold Compilations is for YOU.

So is the Sophia Bai series . . . (Su shows up in the middle).

And last, remember, curved or not, all cocks need to be worshipped with the same “basic” techniques that you adapt to the guy later.

Like all soles and feet need to be worshipped the same, except some women need their balls (of the feet) pressed more.

Some want their arches massaged! Depends upon their footwear, how tired they are … their body shape, body mass. …

Many factors, boy!

Same thing with alpha cocks!

All males have a PREFERENCE – but the basics remain the same.

And if cocks turn you on, and you wanna worship like never before, then learn how first – right here.

I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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