Message to you serial refunders

This one is a short one, and isn’t intended for real customers.

It’s intended for those that a) sign up for the list with NO Intention of ever buyin a product.

And b) you serial refunders that buy the products, wank off to it – and then return it on Amazon, thus gaming their “refund” policy.

Amazon admittedly won’t do much about this, but to the Bozo that refunded Cock Worship For Sissies and faggots, for one, without giving me a reason – well, it HIT HOME!

To the wacko that refunded Sissy Central – well, if the info hits home -it pisses people off in droves.

And guess what, you wackos sitting in Mommy’s basement, Schofield (that nut whose been attacking my friend) style …

Yours truly is not just connessiur of, but the best ever when it comes to femdom.

And freebie seekers, do say bye now.

Because in the future, I’m going to start calling people out by name.

And we dont want that, do we?

So really – if you’re not interested, don’t buy.

If you’re a TRUE femdom lover, DO BUY!

And if you’re a wacko that wants to “wack off to the book once” and then return once your sissy cock is depleted (was it ever full) – then please do staty away.

Back soon!



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