The “$6,888.00” product I recently put out!


When I looked at the sales page, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe what had happened.

My latest product was priced at $6,888.00 … and for those that don’t believe me, well, it’s true my friend.

And as I sat there goggling in amazement, trying to wrap my brain around the fact that it was a genuine mistake (which I later rectified), it got me thinking, hehe.

I’ve been known for high ticket prices – but delivering value even ABOVE AND BEYOND what clients pay – clients, and CUSTOMERS I should say. Clients for my consulting sessions and customers for, well, my books. The obvious.

But if I really had to put a price tag on my latest offering, Sin City Diaries, a COMPILATION (Volumes 1 – 3) … and believe it or not, I got this idea a couple days ago when writing to you – – at the time, this compilation was NOT out, so I changed what I wrote … but it’s out now, hehe.

… and back to price tag, I’d say PRICELESS.

Being dominated by Princess Sophia, for one who thinks that nothing but my bank account matters … and she is right, hehe.

Being manipulated and ABUSED by Madam Anya, her of the “pay her credit card bills, or GTFO” – a true natural at FINDOM if there ever was one, well, I’d pay BIG bucks – MORE than what I’ve mentioned … to GROVEL at her feet and BEG for her to dominate me!

Being laughed at and humiliated by ladies of the night, not so much for my phimotic “tiny” pecker … but also other reasons, ladies that did NOT do what I paid them for, and BRAZENLY at that … well … PRICELESS!

And so forth.

Over 15 years of being in the trenches and hard experience that most people would give a lifetime to get, my friend – – and all femdom related … PRICELESS.

$6,888/15 … = ?

Hold on, let me get my calculator out. $459.2 … PER YEAR. The average nutter spends more than that wanking off to porn on the internet, but does NOT get satisfied … far from it.

Divide that by 365.

About a buck, or around that.

And that’s all I’m asking for 15 years of experience. Or WAS, hehe.

OK, kidding aside, the compilation is yours at a mind boggling LOW price of $68.88 … for now, my friend. Grab it now before I change my mind, and rack it up to $6,888.00 … a price tag it truly DESERVES, as do the LADIES mentioned in the book! Hehe.

And that’s that for now. Back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Here is where you can grab this little ditty …

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