Elongate yourself, cuck – if you can – or ACCEPT YOUR PLACE in life, and submit to one THAT “is”!

Cucks, dickie virgins, and those of you that are 40 and yet NEVER ever had satisfying sexy in your life, listen up.

Yes, I said “sexy”. Hehe.

If you’ve never been called a stud, sexy, or have never had SEX at all in your life, listen up.

And to you salivating on this list, I’ll tell you one thing – it rings true to YOU – the ass licking cucks out there who couldnt have real man sex if the woman begged them to do so, and whose women are tired of getting constant requests of “suck me off pleassssssee honey”. And whose women will never drink your sperm (Madam Venus) and yet do what they will never do with YOU – and CHEAT ON YOU – and DO – because it’s their DIVINE RIGHT TO DO SO – again, Madam Venus is one example.

I can feel her in my arms, cuck.

She’s laughing at you, how pathetic you are … (internally).

She knows your money goes to ME.

Maybe not now, but eventually it will because of your DEEPEST DESIRES. 

We both know it, cuck.

But anyway, a person recently told me about “female and male bell peppers” while pointing at a capsicum, a GREEN ONE. 

“Males have three parts”, she said, giggling. “Males are more elongated and have more juice”. 

Whereas females, she said pointing, have FOUR parts. 

I was confused at first. Then I thought about it and it makes sense. Hehe.

A lovely long cock and full balls . . . males – REAL MEN.

Not you cucks with tiny cocklets and pricklets, I mean real men (like ME). 


Me, Me, ME! 

And then of course, women, the two boobs and labia . . .

But really, you cucks are more like women, because most of you are FAT AND FLABBY, and have those nasty man tits hanging off you (just like I said in Servin an Indian Goddess – and note – the PRICE WILL INCREASE in a day or so for this one, so grab it now, cuck) …

Except your fourth bit – your “third leg” is almost non existent. 

Except at a time like now, when a real man is staring at you with his dong swinging in front of you, the balls ready , and his women with him.

Pushing your head down AFTER YOU PROVE YOU”RE WORTHY! 

Submit now, my friend.

Accept your true DESTINY – your role in life – and you’ll be a lot happier for it!


A real man and STUD – Mike Watson

PS – If you love this sort of stuff and we all know you do, pick up Cuckold Compilations right here (if you haven’t already proved yourself worthy above that is).

PS #2 – No, this doesn’t automatically guarantee you access to hot women or my even hotter COCK, but it IS it the first step to cuck stardom, my friend – so jump on this NOW.

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