When Mike Watson used a womens public restroom “back in the day”!

Ive often written about the fact that if there is ANYONE That is qualified to be the real Mc Coy in terms of what I write about?

It’s ME!

Me, Me, me!

And I’m saying that in a female voice, hehe.

As a lovely Queen “Aurora” recently told me “I love the ME part!”

So she should. Madam is a perfect lady and a Queen, and her Wechat proves it, right down to her sitting there (well, her idol – female) with feet up, drinking wine, red toes …  Oh MY!

Paye Lagu, PRincess Aurora!!!!!!!!

But anyway, back in the day BEFORE all this madness of “same restroom for both genders” came into play (for the record, my sissy self doesnt support it – I still think bathrooms should be segegrated by gender for obvious reasons) … I accidentally … yes!

I took a dump in a ladies’s public restroom

I don;t know how it happened, but I was insanely bored while watching a movie in Hong Kong.

“Pride and Prejudice”, I think.

But I had to kill time!

So I did. (I was waiting for a long term Chinese visa basically is “why”).

And I had to go, so I did.

I remember thinking upon entering “Why is this bathroom so big? (it was) and …”

Something, my friend, was off.

There were no urinals for one, I remember thinking while taking my dump.

I still didnt get it.

Then I heard two ladies in there while I was “on the throne, pants down”.

And it hit me.

OH – MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


Mai did NOT want to be caught in public in that situation!

Though I’d probably make great books about it if I was, though I’d kiss their feet and apologize, and those (since Chinese ladies can spot a harmless sissy a MILE away) – nothing woud happen, who knows.

I didnt want to take the chance of running into HK’s finest or something!

(And they were FINE back then).

Now, not so much with China basically taking Hong Kong over, but they were fine, right down to their lovely dominant policewomen, and I’ve written about that before (do a search, you’ll find it).

I still dont know, till this date why I Couldn’t tell.

The movie theater was empty, which in hindsight was good – and bad. If you get my drift. Good because …well! And bad – because if there were more people (ladies) there I wouldbn’t have made the mistake.

But it’s interesting.

I wasn’t in drag then. Jeans and T shirt, and long, long hair …

But if I was?

Believe me, in Serving an Indian Goddess, Ms Priyanka feminized me SO well that I was thinking of physically changing my gender.

For real!

Check out the book if you no believe me, my friend.

I love that cute Chinglish, hehe.

And in Krystal – the teaching Assistant, Krystal often took me shopping for bras – for me – and the girls would bounce my boobs – they wouldn’t of course with other girls, but with me they would!

They were so nice!

They would tweak my nipples too, hehe.

And much, much, more public humiliation.

And as Princess Lucy is no doubt thinking “this faggot! his only use is to send me REAL MEN!”

And she told me as much.

“I hope you find more sexy boys for me!”

Which I am, and always will.

Anyway, thought that blast from the past would interest you.

I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Read about how to turn into the perfect sissy in Sissy Central, a smashing bestseller if there ever was one!

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