“Sissy suckie, sissy fuckie”

Dear Reader,

I’m sure a lot of you out there have seen the old classic (well, not quite that old, but old enough, hehe) “Full Metal Jacket”.

Yes, that movie about soldiers stationed in Vietnam, and of course the scenes that stand out the most for me (and probably you as well) – – or should I say SOME of the scenes that do, hehe – – are those of the soldiers having “fun” during their downtime.

The sexy Vietnamese hookers soliciting the soldiers was one favorite scene of mine.

“Me so horny, me love you long time!”

“20 Dolla, me suckie, me fuckie!” (I can’t remember the exact amount, hehe, but it was something to that effect).

And of course, the hilarious scene where a G.I. was taking photographs – only to discover a minute later than a guy on a motorcyle “swoops up from behind” and make off with the camera!

Anyway, why do I bring this up?

Well, because as a sissy – – I’ve had plenty of experience with this myself – – except it’s the women on the dominant side this time!

Madam Carrie was one of those ladies who after her trip to the UK (if you remember, it TOTALLY transformed her from a starting Domina to one that seemed to have years of experience in it, even though she didn’t).

I still remember the “wedgie” incident …

It was morning, and Madam was eating breakfast while I knelt at her feet.

Now, she hadn’t told me a lot about her trip to the U.K. and had also loaned me to her next door neighbor, the gorgeous Miss V while she was gone- and I was feeling a bit “peeved” at the lack of communication and this showed through when I spoke to her (respectfully, but the vibes are what count, my friend!).

And the next thing I heard was a loud crash – and the next thing I felt was several smacks to the back of the head, as I looked at the mess on the floor.

Pieces of toast, omelete, and juice all on the floor and I was forced to then rub my face in it until the entire goeey mess stuck to my face … and then she took a piece of burnt toast.

“Spread ’em, boy”!

And she was NOT referring to my hands, if you get my drift!

As that piece of burnt toast went in and out of my rectum, I literally felt as if it was “chafing” my insides – and it was! It was neither a well lubricated dildo – or actual dick – and nor was it shaped well enough – and if that wasn’t enough .. .

“Eat it, boy!, I was commanded to do, and my degradation truly plumbed to new depths as she made me eat the piece of toast that had been up my ass a while ago!

She’d routinely do this with cucumbers too during her house parties, and delight in giving me ruined orgasms, all the time chanting, “Suckie, boy! Fuckie, boy!”

And while cucumbers were what she made me suck, I was by no means limited to those.

Garima Madam, that imperious, sexy, oh-so-dominant lady that once worked for yours truly (!!!) would make me suck her lovers off ALL the time – most of all Master Jerome, who I mentioned in my email on “Fluff him” a while ago.

And she’d put me through plenty of sucking to fluff him – plenty of ball licking as he fucked her.

Plenty of ass worship – and as I came to know his dick – HIS COCK – and his preferences better than my own, almost, every time I started at that thick uncut curved and erect cock just at the point of no-return, and his hairy, sweaty balls, as he started to moan, I knew my role – better than Garima Madam knew it!

A true sissy should always be ready to serve his Mistress – and her men as well – especially the cocks that fill her so well!

And then there is another cardinal rule, of course, one that I mention throughout Sissy Central.

That being, his cum is important – and yours isn’t!

I still remember Goddess Priyanka making me gargle her lovers cum – and so “into it” did I get – that despite being humiliated, locked up and caged to the MAX – I’d still lean forward and lick the last bit of cum dripping off Master’s semi-erect (by now) black cock, making sure not to miss any,  as she giggled and he laughed – that “uncontrolled” laughter than men have after a GREAT orgasm – combined with the knowledge that he was taking “my woman”  – and I was down there, willingly participating in it!

And often times I’d stick my finger in his ass just as he was about to cum – – and I’d massage the P spot gently – – and the ropes of cum that shot out – – about three times the normal amount, which wasn’t less to begin with – – well —  lets just say it was the best sissy treat I ever had.

Worshipping your Mistress all day long, and then indulging in a long, “sissy suckie, sissy fuckie” session … and of course, that LAST moment before the point of no-return for him, as his cock stood up triumphantly, the head engorged, slit “waiting to blast a massive load all over my face and in my mouth”, the shaft engorged, the balls contracting, the moans of pleasure, and that look in HER eye, oh, GOD, that look in her eye …

It really doesn’t get any better, does it, for a true sissy?

But it does – especially when it comes to cum gargling … and actually being fucked in the ass, both of which I’ve detailed in my writings before.

And I’ll get into further detail on some of  that in my next email – be on the outlook for it!


Mike Watson

P.S. – What I’ve just mentioned above is covered in a couple of points in Sissy Central – but the truth is, sexual servitude and degradation is but ONE part of being a true sissy. But it’s integral to being a true CUCK, my friend – and there are many other things integral to being a cuck – that ALLOW both you and your Domina to progress “smoothly” (hehe) in this sort of a relationship – – and if you’re in any way, shape or form interested in a cuckold relationship – – well then, my friend, Cuck Central is a must read. Grab it right here – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/manuals/cuck-central/

PPS – Edit – May 25, 2022 – I always beg Ma’am – or Sir – to use thos enot necessarily extra large, but strawberry flavored condoms. Not like I wear ’em. But they’re so TASTY! Strawberry dongs! MMM!! Muah!

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