How you losers with small dicklets can make yourself USEFUL to Madam

I keep asking Madam – Princess – Goddess –  Lucy!

Every time we talk cock, and those smooth shaved sexy SLIM MEN she so likely, those studs with lovely soft yet hard suckable dicks – real men dicks that get hard, and stay hard ONLY for women, not cucks like YOU?

“Madam, please let me use your red lipstick!”

She has several shades, but as mentioned in Sissy Central – RED is my favorite!

And sucking dick – cock – is one way to make yourself useful, boy.

As in being OPEN to having other men around!

As is being … if she TRULY ignores you (we know you get off on that) and doesn’t reply to you for DAYS, you keep talking to her!

While she chats and runs after her real men, hehe, who of course reply when they can …

But more than that, and most?

You make yourself a good sissy.

Follow the rules, and be her BFF first!

And the other rules in the book.

And, remember, YOUR Sexual arousal comes from cocks, boy, and FEET!

Feet and cocks, feet and cocks, and never miss a chance to laugh at your tiny dick with her, while holding her in your arms like a true elder sister or BFF!

And of course, make yourself VERY GOOD With that tongue and mouth – both for her  and him!

Last, but not least, make sure to give her a copy of Cuck Central, because she needs to mentally accept you as such first.

And that, my friend, is that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – I just sent Mistress some images of a past ex humiliating me!

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