My girl used to ACTUALLY – I repeat – ACTUALLY “kick my ass” in public, hehe.

I’ve written about a certain lovely Chinese lady “Miss Lee” before in my posts, I believe.

She dated me once in a park – a mountain park in China that was RIGHT under my nose, and despite my love of fitness etc, curiously enough, I hadn’t noticed it – tho it was right next to the apartment complex I used to live in!

I remember looking at the red lantern from the fourth floor of the building I lived in…

I remember colleagues telling me about “climbing there”, but I never actually did it!

But fate has a way of “twisting our arms” my friend.

And years later, as my flagship products on the Miss V owned fitness site were all created in this park, life indeed did come full circle.

As it did in the Indian Goddess series.

Perhaps thats why I mention that bit from the Rambo III movie there …

Anyway, it was humiliating enough climbing that hill with the girls all around giggling away (it’s a great place to date, hehe) at my fat ass trying to climb without collapsing.

I did eventually get to a point where I was the polar opposite.

But humiliation wise, I’ll always remember the looks the girls gave me, including Ms Lee, giggling away as she seemingly floated up the hill!

So sexy, so charming, so humiliating!

All in one.

And later, after our climbs (we did that a lot) often times playfully she’d KICK me.

Not on the balls.

But she’d aim “back legged” kicks playfully to yours truluy’s rumpus.

She’d also massage the heck out of me in the park, and pound me left right and center, hehe.

(no sissy stuff there tho. She wouldn’t even really touch my nipples!)

But anyway, I remembered her while writing a book (I mean, a post) for another site this morning.

She was so nice!

And she kicked me so well, and I still remember “dreading” the day that foot – shoe clad – would come down SMACK on my balls!

And as the lovely birds chirp outside as I write this, isn’t that a feeling you ball kicking afficiandos know a lot about?


THAT moment when the foot lands – SMACK on the balls.


Oh, boy!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI! You’re such a true QUEEN!


Mike Watson

PS – I spoke about the course on nipplegasms yesterday, and it was out a few years later. Pick it up right HERE – Nipplegasm Central.

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