Why I NEVER leave home without my lipstick!

Either bright flaming RED or not, hehe.

The Universe works to bring us what we want!

And as a certain perfect Goddess Lucky LUCY as I call Madam IGNORES me, while she’s chatting to other men?

Well, it’s a boon – I saw her Whatsapp, and she’s got a SEXY picture – and guess what.

I’ve been meanin gto ask her if I can borrow her lipstick … but I couldn’t as yet.

But, she’s got a picture that makes MEN DROP DEAD!

She’s NOT what you’d consider typically sexy or pretty.

Shes overweight.

She’s … but, she’s so DOMINANT!

Right from the minute she added me, she knew, I knew, we all know – and knew – my job was to find sexy men for her!

And she told me as much.

But lipstick along with your TOENAILS painted REd – all the time! is number ONE rule, sissy boy!

Remember, you’re a housework machine. The best at it!

So, the fingers – well – sometimes they may or may not have nailpolish like female fingers don’t – but look at those same ladies FEET boy.


And you’ll see their toes are always painted.

And this is one of the rules mentioned in Sissy Central i.e. keep your toes painted NO MATTER WHAT BOY!

And your feet soft , sexy and pedicured – not the rough soles men have, boy!

Not the cracked and rough soles on your back as he fucks her, boy!

But lipstick?

I didtn mention it directly in the book.

But it should probably up there as rule number one, or 1.5, hehe.

Because think – the minute you as a real man see sexy red lips – you think BLOWJOB!

Princess Lucy didnt understand this when she oddly enough sent me a picture of lovely lips sucking on a lollipop (it was a meme that said alright).

When the dude added me out of the blue – that sexy man that caused SO many posts on Korean and CHinese dicks and slim men?

I truly think he added me for  a reason!

And I told Lucy that.




For chinese ladies, maybe ALWAYS MEANS YES – as I keep saying in my tales on Chinese femdom, and … red lips?

Well, you know now why you should never leave home without your lipstick, sissy!

Because guess what, the chance may arise.

Mike Watson once used a women’s toilet, as he wrote about last email.

But what if you use a real man bathroom!

Think, sissy!

Sucking those lovely cocks, and how dare you do it without nailpolish and lipstick on.

When I was 19, a dude was looking at me through the stall door while I was … dumping!

Maybe he thought Pooja Memsahib wanted him to, hehe.

More on this later.

But for now, sissy, you know what …

… well, I should say – – as if you did NOT know already!

You know, BOY!


Mike Watson

PS – Sissy Central will truly RAVAGE you and turn YOU into the blubbering, slobbering SISSY GIRL OF YOUR DREAMS! Get this now, friend.

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