Korean Soap Opera Footboy workout!

Charan lagu Madam, Memsahib … JI!

My SO right now could well be the haughty Garima Madam JI. Sitting on the table as she is, tapping impatiently as I write this!

“Jaldi kar na”

Hurry, you FOOL! is what she means.

And so as I type out that last post with the discount – here it is again “BIWIKECHARAN” – anything over $100 gets an auto 20% off.

dont ask me why there is a minimum order limit.

Because, thats just how it is.

Second, she decides. I’m just there to lick her soles, and ass, and hand over the cash!

Anyway . . .

She was watching those inane soap operas for the past hour as I was squatting, licking her soles, sucking her toes.

You know.

The soaps all real men hate, and Oprah, sissies, wimps, and Goddess like women just love!

Move over macho movies and so forth.

It’s about SOAP operas, and groveling and watching the women there, and getting smacked on the head for not paying attention to her feet and too much to the women on TV.

God. DESS! Madam is tapping again, I really have very little time left!

(Like Ms Priyanka!)

Anyway, as she watched, I did my footboy special.

When a guy came – I sucked the big toes. Like I would his dick!

His lovely Korean COCK!

When women spoke about makeup and giggled – the middle one. 

Always standard and stable is that option!

When it was time for work?

The last one – women should NEVER have to work! 

And when the women were angry at a guy?

I sucked toe #2, because … no blowjob, boy!

She’s such a Queen.

I’m out!

Remember the discount.

And remember the WORKOUT!


Mike Watson

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