“Is this make love, boy!”

Ma’am …

Ah, but wait.

I wrote about this before, didn’t I?

The lovely Ashley, her of the MISSED Femdom opportunities if any …

The lady that pestered me to come back home – to my place – and then sucked my nipples so expertly, and jerked me offf – little did she knows yours truly sissy was in HEAVEN!

As I came – very copiously – all over her hands, she looked at me, irritated and disappointed.

My hands shake As I remember!

Is this make love???

Before this, she had asked me “wash my penis”.

Hehe. But she wouldn’t wash hers!

Her you know what. NOT penis!

I’m a nurse, boy!

And that was that.

I didn’t wash. Mistake numero TWO.

Later that night, I wrote about what I have in the book on missed femdom opportunities.

That being, that Madam flicked my nipples SO expertly, got me HARD so expertly!

I still remember the RAGING boner I got.

I’ve made plenty of mention of how dominant Chinese ladies (and Chinese women in general – Venus for some reason being a noteable exception) are SO Good at nipple play!

Aa Ling!

AA chie!


All of them in my books, and Sin City Diaries, that flick of the nipples, that THUMB, that forefinger. That look in the EYE.


I know it rhymes, but still!

Anyway, she did it, and climbed on top of me.

OF course, the very opposite thing she should have done with a sissy, hehe.

Later on that week she gave me a blowjob – very reluctantly!

Soon later, we broke up.

Before that, I tried to kiss her soles, and automatically went to press them that night as she slept.

She pulled them away giggling.

I so wanted to lick her ASSHOLE!

She wanted …

And therein, my friend lies the secret, or ONE secret as to why yours truly is the BEST EVER – QUALIFIED to bring you femdom.

Truly from one whose been there, done that.

And whose learnt from what he – she – hehe – didn’t!

And so should you, my friend.

So should you.

The school of HARD – pun intended! – KNOCKS – pun intended again! – is the best teacher, by far.

And so am I.

Start learning NOW, my friend.


Mike Watson aka …ah, but we’ll let that be for now.

PS – I miss Ashley. I was thinking of her last night in bed!

PS #2 – I also wonder how big her husbands lovely (I’m sure, hehe. Asians sometimes have beautiful COCKS – all cocks are that, to be fair!) COCK …

PPS – This Ashley is DIFFERENT from Ash-Lee, but both seem just as dominant. I still remember the former on her knees when cleaning my toilet (she offered to clean my apartment despite me saying no and did a terrible job – as she SHOULD! – and then told me to help HER do hers – again, she should!!!) – – but I still remember the look on her face.

“No-one likes this, BOY!” 

Little did she know. Little did she ,… KNOW!!!

PPS – There is a reason Im writing this email – many in fact. One is to weed out NON-BUYERS. If you’re that, please “gently” leave. I promise I wont let the door slam YOU in the BACKSIDE, hehe.

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