Cunninglus for Ms Priyanka when she’s on the THRONE!

I dont mean her normal throne.

I mean … well, if you’re a “Serving an INDIAN Goddess” fan, you know which throne.

The kind that in Saudi Arabia are made of gold.

the kind you sit on all the time to pass waste, my friend. The porcelain one.

If you’re yours truly in the book, you squat to do so!

Insanely uncomfortable, yet a position to get you fit lik enothing else, and a position servants in India and foot massage workers in China etc are FORCED to squat in while even the family dogs get to relax on the sofa.

Believe me, its true.

And therefore, yours truly was made to do it by Priyanka!

anyway, I spoke before about sucking Master’s cock while he’s on the toilet.

I spoke before about how an ex of mine did it for her boyfriend – but NEVER EVER ME

She complained my dick was too much trouble!

But blowjobs on toilets are a great way to worship him and her!

And for him, his cock sticks out, so you have to stick you rhead into the bowl as his massive heavenly TURDS (or Poti in “Indian language”) fall into the TOILET!


As he relaxes, you suck his cock and he relaxes more amidst the nasty smell.

Only thing nastier?

Give her HEAD while SHE is on the commode!

Lick – HER – down there!

On the G spot! 

You have to put your head EVEN further in the bowl to do so, and you’ll truly be face to face with her shit, and given women fart a lot , have upset tummies etc during their periods, you’ll truly to get to know here MOST intimately!

I’ve often said all men should change their women’s sanitary pads etc.

Of course you should! I did.

If women can take your used condoms off, then why not, boy!

I’d often lick her during her periods!

(not the heavy time, but when it was light bleeding). believe me, women get REALLY horny on their periods.

And I’d often give Miss Priyanka head on the toilet before cleaning her ass myself daily, and being uber grateful for being allowed to do so.

Ok, enough of that here.

For more?

Get the book HERE.


Mike Watson

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