Two girls chatting together!

Which makes it the sexiest, doesnt it?

Sissies, listen up – you’ll love this!

Mistress – Princess – Goddess – I cannot think of enough good terms for her, Lucy – and I – were talking about sexy men!

“His flat stomach, his shorts, easy to pull down …. ”

And the rest was left unsaid, Madam knows what I meant.

His lovely Chinese COCK!!

Short, stubby, pubes poking out “dark and strong” … And he’s so horny, I’m sure, and that lovely pert ass!

Such a STUD!

And Madam…

“Madam, I find it very interesting! Talking about other men with you! Sexy men with flat stomachs. Like 2 girls talking together!”

And then I spoke about how “too much muscle” was not good.

(lesson to the idiots who think it is. My friend in the fitness biz would agree, I’m sure, as would Miss V!)

She laughed uproariously.

“haha! You’re my sister!”

So I am!

“yes, Madam! Thank you so much for saying that! I agree … 100%. We both know………………..”

“But you’re right. Thats why I do the girl things for you, massage, cook, clean … talk about sexy men …. “

And you get the drift!

If there was ONE reason I’d love to be a sissy – or YOU would – it is this!

Become a woman, boy!

And you’ll attract femdom to you like NEVER BEFORE.

And as I talk to another lovely lady with boots to die for (she’s 54) … I gotta say this.

Guys, wanking on the computer will never mean you attract femdom to you.

Or cucks.

Or dudes with sexy stomachs and large cocks adding you out of the blue.

If you want it – you gotta learn how from the Master at it!

Truly the best at what he does is Mike Watson!

And on that note, I’m out.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – I asked madam to give me a girl’s name. Lets see what she chooses! Hehe.

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