Proud to lick my wife’s feet

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Proud to lick my wife’s feet

Spicy Erotic

Paye Lagu, Madam! You’re such a QUEEN!

And you guys should all be doing and saying the same thing.

I just was while squatting in a most uncomfortable Asian servant position, and pressing my wife’s feet.


Sometimes one, sometimes both. Sometimes one would SWANG straight on the top of my big head – ouch!

Her thighs are HUGE!

And so is her lovely ASS, getting bigger browner and FATTER by the day, much like the divine and holy turds escaping from it. She’s looking for a new cuck, by the way. Email me if you’re interested! But you gotta prove you’re WORTHY first (hint – it won’t be free, or near it).

For freebies, keep wanking to porno and getting more frustrated, dudes.

Anyway …

In her honor, she’s so perfect, domineering and humiliating, so unfair and a BRAT to ME (not her stud whose cocks she LOVES) (she NEVER sucks mine) …

I’ll be putting up the following coupon which will give y’all a special 20% off.

Use “BIWIKECHARAN” (in hindi, that means my wife’s holy feet!) to get this coupon – up shortly.

(Applicable to anyting over USD 100)

And if you send me a convincing note – guys about WHY you’re PROUD to lick your wife’s feet and proclaim her absolute and utter superiority, another discount awaits!

Ladies, if YOU can do up one on YOUR dominance – another discount!

Those last two will be done on a case by case basis, but the first is for EVERYONE – up soon.

Have at!


Mike Watson

Ps – Paye lagu, madam JI!

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